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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Magic of Christianity- 21st July 2004

When a man entertains a thought, the thought itself will take the liberty of returning - whether called for or not.

There are times when thoughts find their way to the consciousness, but are unworthy of the attention they might gain there. Usually it is that along with these thoughts (with all thoughts, that is) there are elemental beings of the finest, and fundamental variety, that with certain character take residence alongside the person who has unwittingly invited them. 

Eventually such beings do desist when they tire - when they are depleted of the very vitality that fed them, i.e. the man himself does not give his life-energy to these thoughts and beings any longer. However, an instant dismissal is all the while possible through the inner act of sincere Repentance.

By repenting the thoughts we do not wish for, we recant them back to God, literally. And it works every time! Rather than laboriously feeding beings with hostility or aggressive guilt, far be it better to consciously commit the regretted thinking to a sincere, but one line repentance, which effectively not only closes the door, but seals it also against that particular being attending.

Redemption is the principle of borrowing 'grace' from a higher realm that it might transmute the material from that of the 'lower' or current realm. 

(Please note: the term 'lower' is relative and applies throughout all spheres of being - both here and in the divine worlds throughout, this principle carries through.)

By this definition we are redeemed during the act of Holy Communion- whereby the callings and the offerings are pertinent to the higher borrowing and subsequent change therefrom.

'Redeeming' is not just a 'saving' but moreso a re-determining, so positively that there is a re-making and readjusted qualification to the reincarnated value.

The 'born again' Christian finds this principle of redemption and being thus 'born again' throughout all spheres of material and spiritual life. The lower realms suckle from the higher worlds with an infantile dependence. The higher spheres nurture the principles and properties of all that lies beneath them.

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