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Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Holy Man's Trials 40


40. Leaving the Group Soul and distinguishing ourselves from the animalia.

With the awakening of the egoic forces within our beings, the individual withdrew his consciousness out from the corporate reality into a self-determined focus and viewpoint. 

Nowadays all 'external' life is perceived as an accessory rather than an attached portion of the consciousness. At the very first separation there was a sorrow experienced, and this sorrow still travels with us. 

Oddly and wonderfully enough, there is a period we all experience in which we return to the old consciousness and combine yet again - and that is during the time of ingestion, when a soul is attached to the infant as it develops within the physical womb of its mothering soul and splendid auric cover. For this special time we experience the world as ourselves, and our combining once more with all.

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