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Friday, November 5, 2010

Rave Reviews & the Silent Muse- 10th January 1999

Good Morning!
Incorporated in amongst the vast body of literature now amassed within the world, is much material which although crafted by the author named, has also largely been independently inspired. There can be many ways in which this occurs, and from a multitude of varying sources. Papers are co-written, as thoughts are embodied into witticisms, criticisms, aphorisms, philosophisms, dramatics, romantics, pedantics, phlegmatics, carthartics, pathetiques, or even abruptus innuendi!

Thoughts are embodied into word and submersed in form ... in print, on screen or given in dialogue; and particularly for those which have the most 'original' content or inspired voice, they are not solely attributable to the deliverer alone.

This is not a new thought and nor should it be. Fantastic prose and inventive concepts have long come to those bright minds who give them recognition and go on to work them further. Yet at the same time there are countless occasions when authors and scientists, artists and even strategists will say "It just came to me!" describing their finest of work. Of course, all that they have been and done leads up to that receptiveness here, but this is not the entire story, this does not explain the process involved - to make jumps into formerly unknown, unthought work, to just present it. Either there has been an outer influence assisting or there has not. Either we come to ideas solely by our own sequential reasoning, or there is some further encouragement to our envisioning which addresses us from 'without'. As said before, there may be a great many sources from which this comes.

Most would be surprised about the frequency of this co-authorization. Largely it is a common thought that there exists some generic pool of thought from which we may draw our inspiration. However if this in its simplicity were so, it should not explain intelligent thought, only indiscriminate ravings.

Wisdom is all about us! Substance is also there. And finally, so are beings - self-conscious beings. Even the sheaths of the deceased which remain and chatter on, are inhabited until dissolution by some occupying self-conscious entity living out in that form. Beings are there, invisibly co-existing, all the time a'whispering in our inner ear!

It is the nature of Creation that beings do give of themselves. They dearly wish to share what they are, what they know, and how they come to their life that is their own. It is second-nature, it is instinctual to their spiky souls.

Men rarely think independently from their elementals, their angels, their accompanying entities. The conversations in fact, that we hold within our heads, are testing the ideas brought to us from beings other than ourselves. They are not manifesting a duality of self-consciousness split within. However, as men we retain throughout all of this input, that sense of identity that discerns the preferred thought and filters the rest. We conduct the orchestra, we direct the players ... we write the reviews.

Now there are just two more points here to mention before we go on. Firstly, given the above (that there are works inspired by beings who are not named as the authors but nonetheless take part in the work) it is:

  1. Prudent to question and weigh all works before us (even if written by ourselves) and decide merit upon content and not said authorship.
  2. Be kinder to those who are honest enough to tell you that the source of the writing is not from them alone. Some folk have the ability to know this, and also to consciously have a relationship with their muse. If someone tells you that they co-script a piece, why is this more offensive than the many who do just the same but attribute it just to themselves? The phenomenon occurs daily. It is not so remarkable as one might think.

Question: Did Emily Bronte 'channel' her writing?
Answer: No, of course not! And neither is this work channeled either. Did she co-write with an intelligent muse? Yes, indeed.

Channeling occurs when the man gives over his self-consciousness to another entity and the dialogue in mind becomes a monologue of dictation. It is an invasive practice on behalf of the incoming entity, and usually attracts only lesser forms of being who would violate a man in such a way. It is beyond the karmical, ethical and sensible (as in sensibilities tolerating) for a 'higher' being to take over a man and use him as such. Otherwise we would all be walking gods!

Some questions from Bruce:
There has been a gap in time since the Elder Brothers worked with Helena Blavatsky. Why is this so? And was this the closest effort to this current work?

We have been involved and continue to be involved in many campaigns, which by and large are not publicly orientated. There are duties and concerns all over where we are required, as well as past commitments for which we are still responsible.

Globally there are tensions everywhere. These tensions currently are not the usual 'hold in place', 'in relation to' tensions, they are the kind which act as precursors to change. Some people are sensitive to the enormity of their influence about us, and it can be psychically painful to feel this 'building up' occurring all around us. Although folk express this in terms of physical cataclysms, it comes primarily out from the wrestling influences straining our spiritual environments moreover. We may translate this into an idea that a volcano will erupt or an earthquake split the earth, but it is indicative of much more than just evacuative responses. This is a time of confrontation, of choice, and of definite decision.

Gates open and gates close. Men are offered gifts, and some will have them. This is an exciting period, but one which requires a wakefulness, an earnestness, a virility and an intent. The next four centuries to come are going to ingest every soul who has ever incarnated formerly within mainstream humanity. The traffic therefore will be much greater than is usual (approximately seven times in number) (this also is accounting for the souls which are held back and those which rarely incarnate as well). It also means that there may be a concurrence of brief spans (born and dying again - only capable of shorter lives).

Those of you who have connected directly with us at present will probably not be called back again during this crucial time. The definitive decision shall be made this lifetime and will carry you on from that. Others who are vague or inconstant may represent themselves again in the next four hundred-year session, however very soon (within the next twenty years) this opportunity for return shall not be open. So for many, the quality of their spiritual lives and commitment to humanity is vital at this point from now on.

What of this decision to which we refer? The decision is a formal statement of soul that will qualify the individual for future residence amongst his global community. Literally speaking it is the decision to receive Christ (and therefore receive the whole world) into their being, wholeheartedly, unreservedly and with dedication. (Dedicating your life back to Father God requires that you acknowledge that it is His Life in you, firstly.)

Preparing for this decision has taken most all of their known humanhood. The acceleration of time as it presses upon the individuals, is awkward because there are those who are not ready. On the other hand there are associated beings (from the animal kingdom and devic kingdom) who already are given to this love and work for the world and have won their Christhood thereby. It is not a matter of brightness, naming Christ by name (rather naming Him in heart), or of evolutionary development alone ... there are magicians on the dark path who have advanced to extraordinary lengths but know not the qualifying humors to bring them into the next Round ... for these times ahead are now to be selective, and communities will be divided therefrom.

So this is the 'busy time' for our detail, and we are too occupied to be awash with a sentimental melancholy for those who will depart from us ... instead we choose to project an optimistic gravity amongst our greatest of concerns.

We work in many ways with as many styles as there are available (providing they are useful of course) and privately address people all over. We have never viewed our criteria to be made generalized, i.e. given to public comment or display, yet fully support the individuals whose given work has been to do so. (Yes, my Dear, there are borders to Faerie Land.)

No, we do not assume the role of stewards on the Titanic as far as this forthcoming apocalypse implies! For when viewed in the spiritual context, of its true reality within these tensions and changes, men are becoming opened to virtue like never before. The past is moving out. The former self strains but will not resist the glorifying presence which it will become.

The 'clearing reaction' which will take place within the world is really very important to the souls who will remain. It is necessary that for a time (a very long time actually), that one community may advance out without the waylaying of the other. This significant period of review shall occur over one hundred and forty-four thousand revolutions ... 144,000 days and nights for the influx and uptake of every soul to be received (approximately the four centuries just up ahead of us, as aforementioned). There are four divisions to this time period, each consisting of thirty-six thousand days collectively (three lots of 12,000, times 4) in which representatives of humanity from all four sectors will be given their respective times for appeal.

All of the 'tribes' (signatories to particular ages) are thus sealed into this number and recalled into incarnation. They denote men from various evolutionary beginnings, whose predominant characteristics still caveat them. In a roundabout way this can be interpreted in degrees upon the Zodiac in its complete aspect traveled also. After the last day a new era upon this Earth shall then begin.

There are one hundred and forty-four thousand Bodhisattvas who stand guardian over each day and each night (one a piece), who have been luminaries for that sector of souls past-karmicly. Watchers and contributors to the evolution of Man, they now welcome each in with their presence hugging close to the Globe, and being apparently accessible for the length of the incarnation throughout. As the choir of Bodhisattvas assembles, until the culmination of the last and final elated luminary, there amassed amongst the peoples is also our Christ most fully adorned.

This spectacular may be viewed by any man from wherever he is in the Cosmos. As the Great Ones gather and the nebulae of joy accumulates in the Shining Ones, men will be drawn in heart and in consciousness to their World with its grand assembly.

Although this reply appears to have little or no bearing on the question just asked, it is considerable to the activities in which we are involved in. Any collection of men who would work for the betterment of the spiritual condition of Mankind, without pride or favor, are immediately in resonance with the elders of their humanity. The network lives from heart to heart, conjoining each dear soul within the Great Heart from which all Life streams forth and indwells eternally.

The inner creed to love one another is supportive to each who subscribe. Each, who consciously admit the Light of the World within themselves have championed a place within that world to come.

Helena Blavatsky worked alongside some very powerful personalities. Our time with her was not in any way indicated through the written work, which was given and inspired elsewhere. Her attempt and success at breaking through the virginal membranes of materialistic thought did have our watchful blessing. It is true to say that men required much more to be offered them than simple sermons or fanciful poetry. She unsealed the Mysteries, she challenged the lodges involved - not with ridicule, but by demanding that they present what they stood for quite openly and without the usual deceit the secret gnosis implied. Now we have a more sophisticated materialism; one that at times embraces the 'energies' and explores the 'unseen', still yet to penetrate further, to divine imaginatively, to credulate asymmetrically.

There has not been a 'gap' so to mention as such, however works as this kind are few and far between. There is a certain chain of support which enables the essays to be relayed as they are, and creatively we are satisfied in that the individuals who they do go to are specific to this work. It is interesting how generally they can and are applied in universal context, however this work has always required responsive recipients who have such a relationship to us in order to receive them. Our intentions have been for their behalf, rather than public display (or the beginnings of any organization).

Having said that, we watch over the dispersement and are grateful for any opportunity to assist yet another. It is also important to add that our students themselves do not fully retain their teachings until such a time as they have imparted them to another! It might not be our only line of work, but an important one! Souls can hold remarkable destinies and our parts may be so finely placed in amongst the encouragement along their given paths...

This work is as unique as the people who are involved in it. Comparisons cannot be entered into. Soul to soul we address all instruction firstly. If an individual does read through that which we have had a hand in and feels our presence, then the relationship is immediately there. We feel and know the calling of any thought bent towards us ... and respond.
The nature of this work is esoteric - meaning just that.

Was it ever important that the Elders withdrew their instructions, that Mankind would somehow 'do it alone'? (Because of the development of the Consciousness Soul.) I know that you have given us some wonderful freedoms, but some don't see it that way.
Also, could a man (non-adepts), work it all out for themselves?

Do you remember the joke we made about the occultist and the mystic? Contrary to the usual ideas of evolution, men were far more advanced in one manner of speaking before they entered into the manifesting grind (laugh), and mystically it would still be possible to return to such soul-wisdoms which honor and dedicate to Father God, irrespective of the advice or indications given by their Elder Brothers about them. However, the presence within the world of men who are as supple as the fresh green reed, but wily to the winds that can crease - this presence is a support that should not be withdrawn for any measure of time or in any respect. But it is not a public presence.

In other words, we never intended our company to be amongst those who are not ready to receive us. For one thing it is a matter of perspective and perception: for example, one outstanding difference between the Christ and the way Lucifer address a body of men, is that when Lucifer is before a group he presents to each one in same copy. He addresses the 'body' as a body of men, collectively. If Christ comes to a group or a room he does so individually. This is a difficult phenomenon to describe, but I am sure you can get a feel for it. Christ knows each man and answers him thus, whilst Lucifer is intent upon making each to be what he will.

We have always maintained that we are repelled by the ideas of groupism. This was not just a philosophical perspective, but also a working reality for us. The exoteric factor may be transmuted to some extent, and the esoteric truths may go on to add value beyond the loss incurred, but primarily we do not begin to think in terms of 'overall' agendas. One by one our work together is mighty. There is a different strength involved in this, a tensile strength inherent.

You have a certain style of writing, what is the purpose of this? Some have objected, yet I find it quite beautiful ...
Some pieces of information must be contained much like a medicine bottle with a child-proof cap. Not all occult matters can be discussed at length or offered freely. They can be all too dangerous for the good of those who might casually find them.
This work requires:
  • Concentration
  • Effort
  • An uninhibited self-consciousness (drug free for example)
  • Signatory connection (much like a server on the internet, we can disallow, encrypt or shut down certain information)
  • Open-heartedness
  • Humor
  • Respect (for truth, for Father God and for Humanity)
  • A quiet and receptive mind
  • A love of beauty & of Life
It can be remedial to those who are distressed or suffering physically, mentally or spiritually. It is not intended for personal empowerment, and is immediately blocked to those who would use it for such purposes. The karmic recall is too great otherwise, to allow.


  1. As Nostradamus has said:
    "Then shall there be against the Church a greater persecution than ever was. And thereupon such great epidemics shall develop that more than two-thirds of the world shall perish, so much so that no one shall know the owners of the fields and houses, and grass shall grow in the streets of the cities knee-high and even more.

    "In those days of desolation the largest cities will be depopulated, and he who would return therein shall be struck by the wrath of God. And the Sacred Place shall be turned into a stable for cattle, large and small, and put to profane uses. O what a calamitous time shall it be for women with Child! (Cf. Matt. 24:19).

    Johannes Friede (13th Century): "When the great time will come, in which mankind will face its last, hard trial, it will be foreshadowed by striking changes in nature. The alteration between cold and heat will become more intensive, storms will have more catastrophic effects, earthquakes will destroy great regions, and the seas will overflow many lowlands. ... the universe will be thrown into disorder, and the... nights will be filled with more intensive cold and days with heat... The heat means radiation from the earth, the cold the waning light of the sun. Only a few years more and you will become aware that sunlight has grown perceptibly weaker."

    Saint Hildegard (12th Century):

    "Before the comet comes, many nations, will be scourged by want and famine. The great nation in the ocean that is inhabited by people of different tribes and descent will be devastated by earthquakes, storms and tidal waves. It will be divided and, in great part, submerged. The comet will by its tremendous pressure force much of the ocean and flood many countries, causing much want and many plagues. All coastal cities will live in fear, and many of them will be destroyed by tidal waves, and most living creatures will be killed, and even those who escape will die from horrible diseases."

    Mother Shipton 1488:
    "A fiery dragon will cross the sky

    Six times before this earth shall die

    Mankind will tremble and frightened be

    for the sixth heralds in this prophecy.

    For seven days and seven nights

    Man will watch this awesome sight.

    The tides will rise beyond their ken

    To bite away the shores and then

    The mountains will begin to roar

    And earthquakes split the plain to shore.

    And flooding waters, rushing in

    Will flood the lands with such a din

    That mankind cowers in muddy fen

    And snarls about his fellow men."

    "And in some far off distant land

    Some men - oh such a tiny band

    Will have to leave their solid mount

    And span the earth, those few to count,

    Who survives this (unreadable) and then

    Begin the human race again.

    But not on land already there

    But on ocean beds, stark, dry and bare

    Not every soul on Earth will die

    As the Dragons tail goes sweeping by.

    Not every land on earth will sink

    But these will wallow in stench and stink

    Of rotting bodies of beast and man

    Of vegetation crisped on land.

    But the land that rises from the sea

    Will be dry and clean and soft and free

    Of mankinds dirt and therefore be

    The source of man's new dynasty.

    And those that live will ever fear

    The dragons tail for many year

    But time erases memory

    You think it strange. But it will be."

  2. In the last weeks I often think, dear Bruce, that I found and joined the Christology group maybe only in order to find you and the offerings of the Elder Brothers. To meet my spiritual home, my purpose, task, calling.
    How blessed I feel, what Grace and Beauty it is. We are guided and we will find what we need, when we ask truthfully and with all our heart!
    The door will be opened for us at the very right time!
    God bless you, dear Bruce! How thankful I am, with joy!


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