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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Space, & Memory Impressions- 23rd August 1993

THE question as to the convolutions of space and the perceived sphere, has good value for the consideration of perception and its relationship to actuality; and furthermore, complementary accentuates within actuality. The question was: When globes appear as rounded spheres is it because they are as they appear, or is it because the distance between contorts all mass as an elliptical horizon?

Plainly we may answer, that there are a variety of realities for any given spirit manifested - numerous expressions concurrently being. The planet, this planet, is an enspirited identity who is clothed in a mass which is more fluid overall than it appears. It is not however, her only expression; whilst also, on higher levels related to her 'body', we find that the orb is extended, leaving the surface as we know it, to be at the heart, in the center, of the greater globe.

The argument which suggests contortions in/of space may be set to anything, is in that sense, irrelevant. For truly things are not as they appear; however how they appear on the face of it, rests on many factors, all of which play their part in making them appear so. Do you get it? Nothing is what it seems!

The talismanic properties bestowed within the impressionable article are to be valued and discerned where possible, particularly with those things which are 'attached' to our persons. It has been advised (and we shall remind) of the importance of shedding one’s street clothes when home, in preference for those which remain in the house and only worn amongst those that you may feel entirely at ease with. For emanations, as with odor, are lasting and contaminating; especially to those sensitive individuals who are embattled in daily resisting, aware and uncomfortable with impinging influences.

It is not necessary to make a fetish out of the practices of cleanliness, we are rather reminded that quite often the source of debilitation may be very close to us and easily remedied. One would not happily wear the shoe that becomes ensheathed in dog droppings - nor should one go about the house in street clothes either. Also too, it becomes advisable to house the closet outside of the sleeping room, and those articles which maybe subtly impressed with undesirable permeations.

Men are just beginning to realize something of the wonderful properties various emanations may give over. Intangibly and profoundly, there are grades of etheric radiances which emanate from all things living, imparting characteristics of those forces particular to them and of their formation.

Just to be near a fruit may offer a man, by emanation, by etheric radiance, an influence according to the nature and substance of that fruit. Thus the bowl of fruit and of course, the flowers to be given to the ill or infirm, in particular. Whether the fruit is eaten and digested may not be the point at all, it is of great benefit just having such liveliness in close proximity to he or she to whom it is given.

Added to this there is beginning to be a concerned awareness of radiations emitted and other such arrays of contaminants as do seep and bleed from artificial resins. If this is to be comprehended in part, then it is possible for men to regard every article before them, respecting that all substance holds memory and continually releases from it that which it knows. (This goes for ghosts also: disenspirited shells, the kind that recap the old stories over and over.)

Matter needs have provision for memory, for it is memory that binds the matter to its original form. The lesser aspect of this law is that the material concerned shall always be a little impressionable, so that the substance receives and imparts qualities as it does know, as exposed to from a radius commensurate to its own aura of emanation.

There has been much talk of 'cleansing' material - viz. the heirloom jewelry - in the instance of there being such unwelcome radiations, perhaps not even of the former person, but rather of their circumstances. This cleansing may be effected by exposing the article to days and weeks of sunlight, whereby its memory will not be totally erased, but rather significantly quietened from a point of view of emitting the said influences.

Conversely, there have been articles of supreme significance, venerated because of their associated histories; and marvelous songs they sing as actual testimonies, as banks of especial memory, imparting.

We collect and gather mementos by way of surrounding ourselves with memories. In this sense the ego of an individual may well identify with all of that which he has taken to possess, because he begins to interpret his being by way of the object's impression of him and the circumstances of which it did come to him. Havingness is rooted in beinglessness, that our aspects of self are apportioned to those belongings we seek to identify with.

Certain symbols belong to a family of memory: that which brought that symbol together in the first place, and too in sympathetic connection to its identical representatives. There becomes a definite code within each one, and the simpler the diagram, the more powerful, potent and pronounced the inherent characteristic-property will be.

Returning to the subject of jewelry: gems have a memory which actually recalls that time when lesser Gods would stride the Earth and deity called them into a fire of evolution, fusing the elements they were born from with aspects of a realized divinity. The 'sleepers', these precious stones, are a living tribute to matter which has been so touched by divinity. Not only as representative, not by look-alike, but in being the crystal kingdom, has redeemed all minerals, by example of living coherent perfection. The minerals of this planet are harvested from a multitude of differing fields, some have been brought in from the farthest corner, aloft a wayward meteor, some/most are received sympathetically from sister stations related to the constituent directly.

Then there is that material of which we have long carried with us from a former globe, impervious to change, too stubborn to disseminate: the 'either-ores' as affectionately termed. (Salts.)

All of these related minerals are prone to consolidation unto their own and are given to argument with one another, having specific tendencies and natures very individual to their families. Islands and ravines, shafts, notches, plateaus and veins - the minerals would choose to be separate were it not for Man and God. When Man forges the uncompliant mineral to associate within an alloy and bring its particular strength into that bonded fusion, he is outwardly effecting what God has detailed within, remarkably. And it was by the advancement of the crystals that this was to be achieved within the physiology of Man.

We may offend our inner ecology if we attempt to introduce deluges of unrefined mineral. The animals do not share our difficulties in this, it is quite possible for a dog to ingest much lead, for example, and excrete it without undue absorption or argument within. However a man has a system attuned to soul and sensibility which affords much more subtle activity to house everything which is conductive to becoming a man. A dog will not draw upon similar needs and because his constitution is incapable of scrutiny with definition, he shall happily pass the same material that may poison or waylay a man at any stage of consumption or exposure.

Eventually men shall acquire the abilities necessary to be able to discriminate substances before ingesting them, and this may apply not only to mineral constituent and its variety but also to affectation. For we may resume upon the line of thought which began with memory-emanations- such is the same for foodstuffs, particularly those which are altered in preparation, in cooking. The hand of the chef and his emanations - his aspects as pronounced at the time of the actual preparation - shall make a discernible difference to the meal consumed.

Thus too, we make impact upon the world at large and are ever reminded that exactly what we exhibit becomes permanent testimony to what we have been. Therefore we must pray to live graciously and offend as little as possible, and give out exactly what we should like to become and be given.


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