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Monday, September 20, 2010

Entertaining the Reproductive Fires- 1996

MERCILESS guilt and untoward perversions do not begin or belong with Man; they rest with the demons surrounding him.

The collective force of 'anti-Man' ensheathes the planet in its dual aspect - it mirrors the goodness; it is plastic to occurrence, and it harbors the many residues of once greater beings.

Men are almost oblivious to the love and care which is resplendent upon them from unseeable fields. Conversely and also, they are no more aware of the beings which are resentful of their expression of Life - beings who with fixation watch on, and where can, contaminate the highest and the holiest.

The word 'sexuality' does not indicate well what is meant when men and women entertain the reproductive fires (as with the entire mystery of this in their composite). A man has one key, and the woman finds her way into an understanding with that key.

Men are confused as to the properties and powers which seed inside them, and the confusions are generally devilish. They are conspired to by such guilts as prompted from demonic suggestions which attempt to castrate Mankind simply because of their jealousies.

Of course there are lower elemental devils which also feed from promiscuous practices - enticing and inciting the loveless act - promoting pain at times, perverting functions and substance and sucking out the powers expressed by the men and the women who are involved. This is common, and a problem of a differing nature implied for the individuals involved. But today we make mention of the reasons for the conflicting associations a man holds about himself for that of his divine fires which promulgate life, and the causal factor to shame entering in at the very threshold of cosmic action bearing a consequence.

You can picture the World as seen by the decarnate creatures. Many of these do not contain soul-forces to realize the love and the warmth which men and women communicate between themselves. We may understand that because they are belligerent to the subtle substances of soulic affection, they perceive certain cause and action and entertainment, but not the 'point' as it were; or the revelation to be known.

Their corruption interrupts the ability of a man as well to perceive this revelation in the act. What is meant here is that pre-Eden [pre-Fall] a man and a woman would give thanks to Father God and cherish Him all the more within their mutual combining - as a further and deeper celebration of His Creation most naturally. They did not hide from Him, or make separate from Him; they were to combine with Him in their overall union.

When Father God is welcomed and praised the Heavens do pulsate accordingly. When our Creator is shunned from the forces of His Creation itself, then there becomes a doorway then made into the anti-life, the worldly shadow, and the man or the woman then knows the varying experiences of that 'emptiness' to follow. Men will often lust because they seek to know the love of Father God - as intensely realized in the passionate act of penetrating a woman and surrendering themselves, in part, to their being in great affection. Their lusting fires are dignified by true love - however, the physical act alone does not ensure a real or current soulic relationship of proper knowing, and there needs be this communion before the consummation, or else the mismatch diffuses the powers expelled.

However, desire is holy - not because of what it is when unfulfilled, but for what it can culminate into when fully realized throughout every sphere of being so comprised. The answer to desires can be aligned on each plane upwards, for what is meant to say here is that the perfect culmination does not rest within the physical and astral experience alone and nor does it have to begin just there either. If the desire originates within the soul and then reaches down into the physical and astral fires, it will draw the man and the woman back up to the soul's experience when fulfilled. If the desire begins in seed with Father God and their love rests there, then also this shall be that the act will return in fulfillment to Him.

In one form or another, the conjoining of two and the desire therein has preexisted existence in every realm imaginable. The meeting of consciousness is just such an act - creative and powerful, resonating in the combining. Because of the meeting of 'two' there becomes a higher impetus, a greater desire for further communion, and a deeper holy fire of Father God then realized.



    " The sexuality which made its appearance in the Lemurian Age, when we trace it backwards, when we see it in its ever higher and higher nature, becomes the Second Logos. Through the descending Kama-Principle it was the manifestation of Jehovah; through the ascending Buddhi-Principal it was the manifestation of Christ.

    Now if we submerge ourselves into the Kama of the pre-earthly period we are drawn down by the asuric beings. The higher forces of these our spiritual predecessors stand occultly bound up with the passions and forces of our own lower nature. (53) Wherever there are dissolute excesses, there the substance is given in which powerful asuric forces pour cunning intellectualism into the world. In the case of decadent tribes similar powerful asuric forces are to be found. The black magician draws his most powerful forces out of the morass of sensuality. The purpose of sexual rites is to introduce such magic into these circles. A battle is continually taking place on the earth, the one side striving to purify the passions, the other side striving to intensify sensuality. The beings who are guided by the Christ-Principle seek to win the Earth for themselves, but there are also the other antagonistic beings who seek to usurp the Earth.

    -Rudolf Steiner

  2. "The occult teacher is naturally obliged to admit that the course followed by someone who is ascetic in sexual life is different from the course of one who does not avoid being of service to humanity in this way. This is soon changed into the statement: Asceticism is a requisite of occult development. The truth is something completely different. Asceticism with regard to sexual matters makes it easier for the occult pupil, makes the task more comfortable, as it were. Whoever, therefore, wishes primarily to gain insight through the pure egoism of acquiring knowledge can be assured that a certain ambition will be achieved in this direction by practicing a kind of asceticism. There can, however, BE NO OBLIGATION REGARDING ASCETICISM, but only a right to it, which must be FIRST EARNED. One must acquire the possibility of rendering a valid recompense to humanity for the avoidance of a duty, which would otherwise provide souls with an opportunity to incarnate. You see, therefore, that asceticism cannot be a rule in this respect, but may be permitted to some occultists only under certain circumstances."​

    -Letter to Frau Langren 1907, History and Contents of the Esoteric Section

  3. When the time came in which the sexes separated, these beings considered it their task to act upon the
    new life in accordance with their mission. The regulation of sexual life emanated from them.
    Everything which relates to the reproduction of mankind originated with them. In this they acted quite
    consciously, but the other men could only feel this influence as an instinct implanted in them. Sexual
    love was implanted in man by immediate transference of thought. At first all its manifestations were
    of the noblest character. Everything in this area which has taken on an ugly character comes from later
    times, when men became more independent and when they corrupted an originally pure impulse. In
    these older times there was no satisfaction of the sexual impulse for its own sake. Then, everything
    was a sacrificial service for the continuation of human existence. Reproduction was regarded as a
    sacred matter, as a service which man owes to the world. Sacrificial priests were the directors and
    regulators in this field.
    -Rudolf Steiner, Cosmic Memory

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