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Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Virtues- 26th May 1992

HONESTY is as much an art; accomplished with precision, accuracy and a flourish of gaiety!
  • to be concise without conjecture;
  • to be particular without undue reference;
  • to be blatant without assumption;
  • to be considerate without blame or hurt therefrom.

It becomes a useful exercise in wakefulness and self-determination (in the true sense of the word) to practice explicit honesty, to try with conscious intent to be true in word and recollection.

How uncomfortable one becomes at the outset of such a suggestion. Whether one is governed by such ideals or prefers to place them with secondary importance, it is nonetheless disconcerting to doubt the integrity of one's inner stipulations.

But honesty is simple and plain, and primary to existence - the fragrance is enduring and shall linger long after the lies have dispelled.....

Faithfulness is a virtue, for those who ride the chariots into life - the steadfast and the strong, the unshakeable, the undeterred. For the student of the inner path, such faithfulness is prerequisite to that trust so sought for, and is acquired through arduous labor; who, by such provings give substance enough for both armour and shield.

Sobriety is called for in each and every element of study - that we are not swayed this way and that, but do know of the knowledge which careful attainment shall bring. The keynote of he who is earnest, with sober intent, is deep and long, forever reminding one of the seriousness within all elements of manifestation. That we do not 'make lightly' of that which our heart contests, and with quiet remembrance of all ills and injustices, move carefully about the world, hesitant to prolong such grief as has passed before us.

Sublimity is the reverence and respect for this our spiritual heritage. That one knows with surety, that all beings which comprise the lower worlds and higher spheres, are all with reverence to great Divinity. The sublime calls us all, and it is to her we must answer. All deeds and reasonings, must be in accordance with the Heavenly order - for the enhancement, betterment and furthering of all fellows.

Serenity tells us of the beauty as expelled throughout Creation, underlying all manifestation, as pivot to design, as promise to completion. That above the tumultuous world, we seek in essence to come to serenity as is known by the soul, and accept our lot. . . presently and forever.

Patience smiles when others do cry. We may make practice towards developing patience in all times of strife, in hurry, in dissatisfaction. By such a patient perspective we are given to a reasonableness, which may readily calculate, make good assessment, in that time which has been given. When time is afforded (presumably too much to the impatient), we must come to look for that hidden reason, for which we are required our patience. There shall always be good reasons in such timing, and by patience we are enabled to use such as our ears to hear, or eyes to see, what otherwise may have been sorely missed.

Forbearance knows of duty, but also that which duty endows to the soul. When entrusted with mighty objectives, and subsequent burdens, it is forbearance which will carry one through: in the time prior to the rewards, or to cessation, in the time before the harvest. And to be glad, for that receiving of strength, at those most heaviest times when so little was there - that each who ask, shall be given such ability as to carry on.

Charity is as the richest of all riches, for he who holds charity within his heart wants nothing for himself, and yet would deny his brother nothing. 

Thriftiness makes for a good ecology in any system! It adheres to the law of need rather than greed. To be thrifty need not be sparing, but to be able to weigh and measure with consideration as to tomorrow, as well as today. For this, it shall provide for.

Joyfulness, without exaggeration, in humble gratitude, thanksgiving, and sympathetic experience with the pulse and motivation which drives all beings to delight. We may well rejoice that the prime aspect to all of life, is not only in the pleasurable, but that which inspires much joy within. And that this does occur throughout all regions of Cosmic activity: great happiness in being.

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