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Monday, January 18, 2010

The Body Astrea - 26th July 1992

THAT which comprises the influences of zodiacal reference are of the four elements, namely: the fiery, the phlegma, the earth and the airy. These four elements are as divided into three; and for the record, are also divided once again in respect to corresponding relations upon each other. They are divided into three, as in old, current, and changing: eg., old fire, current fire, and that which is upon the verge of transforming fire. (By 'old', is meant that the influence born under that starry constellation condition, is one of a stream which is alike to the ancient fiery impulse as was known.)

We are speaking in relation to men specifically, and the signs which predominate in aspects to them. Therefore, the cycle of birth/life/death is somewhat reversed, but applicable - instead of cessation there is change; and instead of birth, at the forefront it becomes that change - whereas the beginning impulsions stream from ancient/olden tides rather than fresh impulses, which complete the congregate. One must have 'carry over' impulses alongside the more stable- living, fluxed impulses alongside: those which are 'on the turn'- the past, present and future as represented in astrological doorways.

The fiery elements are as the 'quick' within the heart of motivated life; they do not of themselves expel and express, but by their action they do drive manifestation into being. The fires denote activity without cessation. When called forth, they are obedient to the confines which make their limits - however, they are of course, without boundary.
Water, precious water, provides the tears, which are universal. It is the all-encompassing element which permeates. The aspect of water is its divine complex nature, which correctly, gives over to the fluidic motions and processes above and beyond. The principle of water is true, and to be found throughout every scheme and 'harbor' within all of the heavens. The formless but most significant: the fluidic aspect.
The ethers: vapors rise on airy beds - the subtle, unseen ethers. Here is the element which brings rise to perpetual space and the provisions thereof. Without which, there should be no divisions perceived between objects. This is the element of beatitude. That there is a fluttering of heart or wing, is because of the ethers either side of the beating. It is truly in aspect, possibility - for without, there would not be the activity of fire and movement, and combustion.
The elements of earth are those which are, for the present, alongside physical manifestation; and concurrently, the etheric realms which most properly are designated to the organism, which organically, comprises the Earth. Remember that those minerals which are accommodated throughout, are all 'outer' inhabitants; many of whom belong to planets within the divisions of the Zodiac. But those properties known as earth are not of mineral constituent, for the Globe is organic by nature, and the etheric globe best represents Mother 'Earth'.
To be 'earthbound' is another matter - which of course, for the time being we all are. However one can perceive a glimpse about the aspects of the element Earth from this perspective: exactly those differences between the ways of the old Earth, the current Earth, and the changing Earth impulses to come.
The current Earth, being as it is known with inclinations as experienced today, will differ extraordinarily from that in the future. Similarly, the contrasts which lie - as a great yawning crevice - between the variations of old/current/changing Fire, Water and Ether/Air, shall be as great - if not greater.

The Apostles were necessarily as representatives of the 'twelve tribes' of the Zodiac; and for what reason - whether it was decided by them or by circumstance - their movements were precisely fixed in accordance with the living aspects at that time.

It has been said that all of the zodiacal aspects make up the body of our dear Christ: that this is but one of His bodies, and that the influences are drawn together through Him and by Him. But know also, that the 'coming together' of all of such influences - as starry points upon a grid-map - are also so formed within each body (astrea) of Man himself. You also, reflect the immediate planetary influences, all of them. The fact that certain aspects will predominate within your nature or personality, or definition past, is only because all aspects have come together in the makeover qualities which comprise your being.

The 'outer' man is those channels, those points of conjuncture and of certain influences, so drawn together and irradiating as one whole being. That we share the enlarged form is no paradox, for as Man is a synthesis of star qualities, the stars are verily the being of Man. It is difficult when presented with such complements of 'large' and 'larger still', for in many respects these concepts are not entirely relevant to spiritual interactions. Largeness is not the considered factor. (Here is an example: the potency of musk!)

The Body Astrea is the Body Astrea of Christ; and concurrently, as little replications within, all men have such bodies which do also correspond with the greater zodiacal complex, and are affected accordingly. As alike to the skeletal frame which does support the flesh, here the greater body - in fixed positions - supports our movements within and without. The physiology of our starry constitution!

So when it comes to pass that there are those who do study the human body in relation to the planetary specifics, it is correctly noted for the main part - but not because there is a correspondence only, but rather because intimately, one is the other - one of the same. That the physical body is largely determined by its body-astrea, and that the body-astrea is determined largely by the impacts of influences aligning, configuring and paralleling with greater influences, or crossing.

There is as a magnetic sheath which encircles each globe, and does take impression from one to another; albeit invisibly to us. It is the sheaths themselves which expand and resist; or expand and breathe in various qualities from partner, neighbor or greater influences. For each and every planet is not only a keynote of that which it is and was, and is to become, but also is resonantly connected with movements to which is it is sympathetic, and that which is presented, harmoniously or otherwise. And conditions alter considerably. It is as a dance with many partners in rotation. The sequence must be played out, so that all may have experienced each and every dancer; and the combinations of such are many and complex.

It was at that point when the 'Sun went black' (Luke 23:45), that one may discover the extraordinary positioning and injury, as invoked upon the greater regions. To set the scene, this was no simple eclipse or cloud, or any other bland explanation - the Sun was not visible. And when the sky is darkened, because the Sun has been extinguished, the stars too, cease to shine. The men did tremble with great fear, because it was a black void, sparkless, with no cheer. In this way, men may tell the difference.

It was this event in which the Body Astrea was afflicted and momentarily withdrew, that the heavens were seized by sore and tumultuous insult. It is unimaginable that such an injury occur to our naked and exposed God - who was especially vulnerable, as any man, but not alike to any man. That Man would kill Man!

Here is the pity of it. Perhaps one would say cynically, "Have your way, better sooner than later, if that be the way of men!" But not of all men, for Christ did look into the eyes of some of those men who did walk with Him and knew Him, and through to their hearts and their innermost desires. This not only pleased Him with cheer, but inspired Him not to recant His original plan. For His coming was one of a seeking for the truth also - and He found the reasons for His trials and woes. Sometimes the unbearable can be sufferable, because of sweet reasons.

Each age does bear its representative of that time. Similarly, each segment of that which we term the Zodiac also too, has its correspondence. Certainly at all times, there are living representatives who walk the Globe, who most properly are example of that pure part of influences.

The disciples of Christ were gathered to Him because of their personal resonance, as so purely corresponding to those parts which were expressed in the influence of Christ Himself. As magnets they were compelled to His side; although this was of former design, which was accounted for the in the ways in which the gravitation ensued. Their qualifications for becoming the circle, so to speak, were that they best emanated in subtle body as members of that group. The word “member” of course, is often associated with arms and legs: as in “members of a body” - which is precisely the inference to be had, only in this instance there were twelve members, instead of four.

However, the disciples can be best grouped in three, as per discussion above of elemental influences. When viewed in this light, there can be little doubt as to which category would best suit each man. The question then is: who of the old ways, the former worlds - which four? Who of that era - best representative - which four? And who of those impulses streaming in, which provide for change - which four?

Before these may be held for scrutiny, one must establish the various signs of the Zodiac attributed to the nature of the elements.

• Aries, Leo & Sagittarius
• Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces
• Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn
• Gemini, Libra & Aquarius

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