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Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Loving Attitude- 5th May 1992

IF folk who wish for 'quick results' within their development, were to be far nicer to all during one single day - actually exert themselves: fervently try nothing else - then the results would be astounding. We continually overlook the obvious; we oversee the simple facts and impede our divinity by such ignorance. And so we require stimulation and provocation - we dismiss, in a single exclamation “Oh, I know that” without experiencing such knowledge.

A simple concentration of concerted effort within our attitude and response to others brings results which are doubly rewarding. And it is because of the conscious intent, and the effort instilled by such desire, that the correspondents shall be similarly ignited; and if not, are singularly aware of the 'difference'.

It is not so much that one wishes to feel good, but to be good in what one does. It is surely preferable to upset, and half-hearted interjections, that by our presence we seek to illumine our corner of the globe, with showers of: radiant helpfulness, happiness, encouragement, enthusiasm, and keen interest, with consideration. 

Let the student exercise this, particularly those who wish to advance and attain their golden stars. For this is the primary mark of a man: whether he be a thunderous shadow or whether he does give back most properly, some reflection of the heavenly attitude.

How should we wish to be assailed? How best should we respond to this the loving touch?

To the bull-headed, to those who have misty clouds around their forehead; to those who impinge, to those who protest; to the vain and the stupid; to both stranger and lover - to embrace all men with loving attitude, and make effort in this.

It is in every holy writ that this is plead and pledged, and made much of. One can be reminded ever yet again and again, and still be not forthcoming. 

Here is the application and activity of the spiritual novitiate. And the training may be ever improved upon, and will be tested radically throughout. And the heart becomes glad, because it is finally given license to perform as it does best. It is known to those who strive actively to take measures of exerting a wondrous influence to greater degrees. It is experienced wholeheartedly and self-explanatory; being yet the best teacher of all.

One does not look for affirmation or requested results, but only seeks to be in that attitude which gives to the day, to the time, to all people - and relaxes. That we are willingly, actively, testing ourselves and our betterment, by seeking out our best face in all circumstance, within all desires; to be a lover of the world, to be concentrated upon the good in all.

For we are only true to ourselves when we live and become the highest expectation; regarding less the illusion that would suggest anything else, otherwise.

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