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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Invasive Entities- 5th April 1992

THE question today is in reference to the possibility of men being 'hijacked', or those parts of men being made use of to the detriment of men. For if one wishes to enter into precisely the dangers at large, pressing in upon men from moment to moment, one must establish clearly the nature of such dangers and concede that this is so. Accordingly also, from what desire would this be?

Primarily all men seek to be loved. In attraction, in affection, there are many entities who would, if they could, make rapport with those parts of a man which they might entice or consume - to which the man may be drawn - in comprehension of this being love, with a magnitude and a magnetism similar, but far from the reality of the true impulse of love itself. Even those of the extreme who would submit to a being that they themselves would call the Devil, seek his appreciation and affection, rather than his contempt, for there is a mutual approval in the minds of men, which is irresistible when viewed in this light.

If a man has cause to gravitate to any particular field of impulse, it is because of likeness which he himself has taken to himself regardless of whether or not he is aware of the true situation i.e. that he has succumbed to that which seeks to use, rather than commune.

If a soul is tainted with selfish exploits and is concentrated upon forsaking his own humanity, he shall accordingly come to discover the implications of such. One might clearly recognize the dangers of impure thought and devious motivation, which of itself brings upon certain disasters to soul, all welcomed and maintained by the man himself. This is and has always been the distinct precipice a man may walk: that sin itself is a necessary tutor, but only does it teach when overcome and made transformed. 

However, to the naive soul who is unaware and unguarded, it may come to pass that certain immaturities have led them to a compromise in which they do surrender and make forfeit, not soul or soul qualities, but rather certain aspects of ability within their psychic makeover - their anatomical foci which adhere to certain impulses, yet belonging to very definite spheres. For any being which is not of the mainstream evolution of this: our family of man, could not make use of, or digest that which is a man, regardless of how submissive that man may be. If this were to be achieved, and one could step the bounds of another, then - as with the poem of the old woman who swallowed a fly (I don't know why she swallowed the fly) - the imbalance of evolutionary mixes would be indeed the survival of the fittest, and have long ago ceased to be in question.

One can indeed trace all sins back to their influences which are not of man himself, as he was born indifferent to such impulses. What becomes a sin in man is that which is not of men. The higher and lofty impulses which compound the Angelic tendencies, are those which fit in truer to what he shall become and conversely, truly is. If it were not already within the make-up and nature of a man to come to these realizations of Grace, then he would not understand the measure and the depth of this possibility. One could say this for sin also; and yet sin is anything but progressive and by nature is a hindrance and therefore gives nothing to men of itself.

A good example is that painting by Hieronymus Bosch, of the various sins being so performed by men.

Within the constitution we have - even within our physical expression - marvelous receptacles for Heavenly (virtuous) instinct and expression. There are centers and spheres of activity pertaining to specific regions of activity and expression within a man. Further to this, there is also the revelation that they shall bring in the said development thereof, an unfolding of such qualities that may one day flow through into a man and be thoroughly emanated, as it were, from a god. That each of these centers be true to plan and true to that which they may receive, wholly. Holy, and wholly! Such is development.

It is not to an imbalanced development to which we refer, whereby a man is artificially stimulated to sporadically endow himself with such a great influx that he himself may not incorporate into his own being. In this instance it is as light deflected, and overstimulation causes periods of void and expiration. Rather that he himself has become intimately acquainted with those forces of virtue which he is equipped to take into himself and with radiance, redouble. We shall not name these centers as chakras for there are many notions about such, which do not adhere correctly to these lower considerations, but shall name them as the true body of man, from which he himself does emanate. Chakric activity is yet one more specific amongst the picture we are trying to establish, and may or may not be specific to the soul of the man, at any given time. And here we come to the twofold aspect of men. 

At present, one might say that a man is imperfect in time; that when one considers all that he has done in the past and comes to view his range of personalities, his off-casts, his Double (more importantly), his legacies of activity, and all of the coats which he has shed in the past, belonging to the past - he has carried into the present some unwholesome and awesome tendencies, such which at first glance, would negate any possibility of them ever becoming collected up in toto and made purified. Yet when one looks further back before time, in innocence, they shall see also something of the original vision which was and is Man, that does correspond to a being who is indeed a celebration of Creation and all of her talents. The anomaly is in the present condition.

That man is even capable of sin is persuasively depressing at times. To some there is comfort that such sin provides much usefulness in the learning, however on larger consideration there are individuals who would choose not to make the connection at all, and rather not be answerable for such, for the indignity and realization is all too great. This is understandable, because progression itself would appear to be a process of making right again, that which was formerly quite correct!

Yet, incorporated in all of this is one of those qualities which was imparted at the beginning of sin: self-consciousness. It is a little alike to the good fairy making answer to the bad fairy's stipulation; more than that, a wonderful complement to He Who has by design and by greater Grace than we, breathed life into we, who are now inspired to live also. All life is inspiration. Respiration, aspiration, inspiration! Further to such self-consciousness, are those components - namely: memory and affinity.

As men, we are incorporated within the Being of Christ. Our capabilities may be immature, but our inheritance is kept safe and protected. Beings who would deter Men from their goals so envisioned by Christ, cannot precipitate Christ and take such men into legions of their own. But they may however, deter an individual by one of two ways:

1) By the extraction of certain qualities.
2) By the retardation and subsequent mutation of such qualities.

At all times the spirit of a man is of Christ and within his protective care. But because of his attributed license to go into the larger world and frequent spheres, in arduous passage, Man, underdeveloped and ignorant, may give over those parts of himself not yet fully incorporated within his conscious being; which, though replicated by countless numbers, are individually his and not so easily established a second time.

Although here is a good opportunity to cite the case in the extreme where this might be so, we can say also that the opportunities for renewal do come, and at the forefront of another time in evolution. In other words, these men who have become utterly forsaken and without their attributes of humanity, who are outcast and downcast because their spirit may not be assimilated by those beings who would wear 'their clothes', shall nonetheless become absorbed in yet another evolution beneath this, and at the time of adoption be so incorporated or endowed - as in the animal or Deva kingdom, in a related evolution, and yet separate to where their immediate brothers have thus traveled.

So the implications are still nonetheless very serious indeed - that yes, there are beings who do desire certain composites of men, as men might desire the flesh of beasts or the flesh of men. It does not make for good ecology, when systems are mixed so intimately. 

The physical manifestation of beings that would enter our system as such, are those amoebae of viruses. Not in the form of great spacemen, but rather in seeds of sickness and malady. So much for the physical representation! This is not to say that when a man is consumed to death, having being overrun and overcome by said virus or disease, that he has willingly attracted to him these outer beings. However the predisposition to weakness is yet a reminder of our fragile standing to date.

Activity necessitates further activity, in a two-poled consequence. Each Heavenly impulse of essential cosmic virtue has gradients of expression; whilst also to us and relative to us, has also its corresponding opposite. It is paramount to expression that this be so. It is not as simple to say that what is good in one instance is bad in another or vice versa - it is not a question of philosophy, but rather a law in which all light has its shadow.

A man may summon to himself all measure of impulse - which by the way shall come truly through the affinity of experience, ie. he must become that which he is to impart and impart that which he is to become, and draw upon the well in this manner and by doing so, becomes familiar with the realms which these impulses emanate primarily through on their pathways to here in the present.

Fortunately there are many such pathways the soul desires to travail, enlightened usually by the developing soul. However, in returning to the question of men who are waylaid or hijacked as such, we find that it is usually because these inherent impulses have been turned upside-down, inside out and transmuted with additions which mark and mar the original expression. This is because there are beings all over who do flock to regions of great and glorious activity. Their curiosity is understandable, and in part of that region. They would attach to men in ways that they can, through these impulses - depending upon their own concerns and desires. But those which prove disastrous to men are not in themselves developed in a discrimination that stipulates discernment between that which is unlawful in expectation, and that which is not. 

Now in the case which has been cited specifically, [an influence from Orion] we are looking to the instance of that brilliant fire which is verily both mind, intellect and intelligence; also very much, Man's very own powers of self-consciousness in this regard. By the way, self-consciousness does not only pertain to intelligence as we understand it day to day, it extends much further. Anyway, suffice to say the beings in question are posed to be as an army, who would infiltrate and dominate the minds of men, and lead them into realms upon which they may disrobe their beings and crunch their souls. That appears to be the gist of the question, names aside.

Firstly, it must be said again, what has been said before: that all men have the power to withstand any impingement upon themselves, and aside from this are only a prayer away from help. It is that which a man brings about willingly upon himself which is of any danger to his being and his development.

Yet - you may protest - that men who are ignorant and mistaken (as we all might be at one point or another) are stepping a perilous threshold, because of their inability to discern the truth. "Lord forgive me, for I know not what I do!" The seriousness of such impact and force upon the globe which presses in and showers down, calling to men all promises with mischievous intent - marauders and pirates, whose abilities on certain levels extend in greater measure than the men they beguile - what of the consequence? It is indeed a pertinent question. Is life so hazardous? Certainly the previous text has highlighted the extremes of such interference.

Most men are obstinate. There has been talk this week about certain forms of occultism rendering men stupid, and if this is the case, the stupidity is for the men's own protection, even though it is an offspring of practice and procedure and ill-thinking. There can be hiccups which may rebound over the course of not a few lifetimes because of false roads so traveled, but usually (particularly after death), a man shall see his captors in all their colors, so graphically and with such a shock that he shall once again prefer humanity.

All of those who have been 'milked' of their vital fluids and partaken in activities which invite such intercourse on psychic levels, usually are not so depleted that they cannot refute the course they have established within a single lifetime. The consequences for the globe are another matter; particularly at those times of pivotal importance whereupon man receives an influx of wondrous influences. Streams of beings follow too, whose gates are open (more than usual) to make the activity possible. And this of itself may be disruptive to the matter at hand, whilst also there are those activities being conducted in the larger spheres, so mirrored upon the globe.

Basically speaking there are beings who would and do, give to man and to all else; who in accordance with the true powers which preside within all life, make way because of their being, for greater creativity, for greater expression, of this: all Love. Added to this, there are beings who do not work in this manner, they do not emanate or radiate, but are as the opposite - whether as parasite or inverse magnetism - who see Creation as containment, and know only to draw into themselves, whilst giving nothing freely. The inclination either way is within Man. The choice is there, and yet, still deeper, having the knowledge of the first and greater inclination, he shall go forth to make this realization be. BE. All else is of death. Whilst death has its place- destruction and cessation- there shall not be an unraveling of this: our system or the greater spheres, or of the spirit of Man, simply because those forces of death are empowered with yet a temporary and single-minded perspective.

Again, we might approach here the realms of philosophical speculation as to why there is a 'Kali' impulse at all and how it is that beings may exist at all, so inclined. Yet remember, it was said that they do not give freely - meant two ways: one being cost to those who participate - but also, that they do not choose to give one jot back into Creation. But whether or not they choose to do so, they do anyway. A last laugh so to speak! By merely being, whether as advocate, or devil's advocate, they still give to the system and experience; and necessarily work within laws they may or may not choose to recognize.

The more advanced a man becomes, the more his fiery participation calls out into the ethers and exhibits great activity and so is known. It is no surprise therefore, that undesirous beings should cleave to those most potent and yet perhaps, unstable enough as to waver into their field of influence- not yet being fully developed enough to discriminate. Wherever there is goodness there are perils not far behind. It is not to say that one must frantically seek them out, but be mindful as to their own inadequacies and guarded as to how certain their own standing in development may be. 

Were that a man was as perceptive and receptive to the warnings that his own conscience will bring forth! It is not simplicity to preach ethics and the importance of. It is difficult indeed to make clear, pathways for such development, yet when one looks to certain individuals who are most equipped and powerful and developed in a way that they may be very impressive, and further on to this and that group or collection of like-minded souls, or further on to those impulses which they would endow themselves with - the key is to gauge if they are thoroughly wholesome and correct from an ethical standpoint.

This can be a simple matter, and yet why are there those who are content to overlook those things which do not correspond with true spirituality and expression? They do overlook very bad behavior indeed!- excuse it graciously, as if one area of development will make good for the rest. It will not. If a man is so full of conceit as to believe that he need not review his soul nor those whom he trusts as teacher, then he shall not heed the warnings of his protective and suffering conscience. Esoteric teachers, we might add, are obliged to be reviewed critically for the sake of their beloved pupil who is a part of their influence for the time that they give to them. Whether recognized or not they are accountable in every degree.

The essence of humility lies in this quality as described above: in giving. Now those souls who would choose in their lifetime to give over their attributes of sensibility in order that they may achieve a 'quick ascension', actually believe there is a bargain to be had- i.e. that they might give, so they might get. That speaks to us of the system of false desire and of wicked mistakeness. Were that they were concerned with the evolution of the world and all of its fellows, were that they were inflamed with the spirit of Creation herself, putting all else before herself, that they may carry on never mindful of themselves. Those are the two paths and the two inclinations. So regardless of the supersensible interferences and the gravity and extent of such, the worst outcome of all is that they have retarded their development of affinity by such self-seeking, by such spiritual selfishness. For they shall be so encapsulated and so blind to the possibilities of what truly lies within the motivations of Creation.

Unfortunately, the self-interred soul becomes smaller and smaller and less adequate as time goes by; fortunately, maybe for others however. This is a direct result from those who repel their measures of sympathy and affinity, therefore their charity and humility also. The individual becomes as a ball so tightened; and it is the response of those who are self-inclined but would offer nothing for nothing.

Yet the reality of life is the sacrifice laid down, and to this we must be grateful for our being; to be truly reverent and humble in this fact - of those who do labor for our continuance, that we may experience, that we may be manifest. And not to be ungrateful or forgetful of these great and marvelous expressions of pure Love - that the grass springs up beneath our feet, and does not complain, and the beasts made dumb, and that our bodies do labor also. That only through the Will of the Father and His Sacrifice, His Loving Intent, are we what we are.

There are folk who would seek riches, not only in physical wealth, but greed is greed, and a great attraction for those entities who know greed intimately. You might ask: "Well then, am I wrong in desiring true and proper development?” To which we would answer: that it is only correct that one seeks advancement, as life itself would have it. But one should also bless all others that this be so; and remember too, that not all which is desired and worked upon is won in a day or in bargain.

Therefore, let men seek firstly to be better, that they might serve their Humanity well and begin to repay those of the Host, which truly do care for them and love them dearly without stipulation, without demand, without such cost, and do wish for their betterment and work to assist them so. Let all else pass by.

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