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Friday, September 25, 2009

The Sea of Existence- 22nd September 1991

‘Where is the stream?'
Cried he, with tears.
'Seest thou not its blue waves above us?'
He looked up, and lo!
The blue stream was flowing
Gently over their heads.

Novalis, Heinrich von Ofterdingen

COMPASSION may be viewed as a complete passion that is fulfilled from onset. To experience a passion is to fervently call out from either a lower or higher aspect, and grasp with the whole consciousness for a time that particular passion one is driven to. Compassion however, may appear overwhelming in like manner, but does not wash over the being as an unspeakably powerful tide where one is taken up in this or that direction, but becalms the waters of the soul through which one may look up through - through to the light of spirit, with clarity and even magnification.

Novalis pictured Man as though he dwelt beneath a great sea ever tumultuous. It was to this concept many writers refer whereby the spirit is somewhat rocked, swaying this way and that, following currents although free and weightless with the consciousness an anchor and the vessel travailing the seas of the Heavens.

The dream-world of men is often searched through for the answers to their conscious condition. Were that men could consciously rise upward the anchor, so to speak, lifted upward, then they should perceive with clarity that which lies above today's existence. However this of course would mean departure from such an existence, and whilst feet are on earth this wakefulness on earth is not possible to the undeveloped individual. The dreams therefore offer a murky representation at best of the pictures and realms in which the soul-consciousness dwells, and although interpretations can be extremely helpful it takes much careful discernment of such hazy recollections.

It is interesting that one hears references to a fellow being 'shallow' or conversely in 'deep thought' - these statements could and should be transfixed. When one is 'shallow' they dwell very much at the floor level of this ocean of existence. When one is 'deep' they are traveling through aspiration and inquiry upwards through such waters.

In order to clarify one's perception of the world: the sphere of existence, it is essential to becalm, bestill the waters. It was this sea that Moses parted that his people might pass through from the former ways of consciousness to follow on to another way of existence.

Christ walked upon the waters and of course still does. If one is to hold him in vision then one must becalm, bestill the waters that surround, that with the clearer window one may gaze upward and penetrate through to the worlds above, as He walks them in our name.


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