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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Tortoise & Hare- 26th April 1991

THE tortoise, and some fish for that matter, have the gift of encrusting themselves within a hardened outer shell.

Semidetached but completely necessary for existence, one must question the modus operandus of the tortoise, and from where this ability did come from. For beneath the calcified enclosure is soft tissue that requires protection; and yet the shell itself is distinctly separate to the tortoise. It is a fibrous matter that is worked organically, but not directly from the organism.

 In the case of the fish it is a mineral composure, again distinctly separate to the organism and its systems, and to the fish itself. Therefore we have two bodies, that of the living creature, and that of the shell. The latter which may be separated, is dependent on its patterns as dictated by the creature.

The Earth in its relation to the Moon can be viewed in this way- the Earth in its living and vulnerable organism with a moon of its making, semidetached.

Herein is the key to the mythology of the tortoise and the hare.

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