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Friday, June 12, 2009

Mighty Rome- 23rd April 1991

THE populace of Rome, with its geographical positioning, used to be the mouthpiece and focus of the modern world and its concepts, summoning together the massive streams of thought at the time of its height, in powerful persuasion.

Both scholars and warriors amassed within its confines, and the Roman Church was a final offspring of such a powerful province, that sought to dictate and dominate world thought and opinion, expression and manifestation. This was still but a carryover, so to speak, of its grip some two thousand years ago.

No nation has the right born unto it to demand that it shall inflict its ways and methods within the arena of the world. However ancient Rome with its visiting divinities of old was granted a supreme opportunity to be the gateway through which wisdom would stream forth. All of the gifts to the world followed with this set of tasks and opportunities placed before the region.

Neighboring countries, who shouldered next to the influence of these visiting gods, who then inhabited and were called forth into the substance of the country itself, reflected some of the light that was cast in the beauty of their cultures. Their interpretations were many and varied of the experiences that were perceived of the overshadowing divinities inhabiting their sector of the Globe. However, the desire to convert the world did not defile their interpretations, as it did with mighty Rome. To Rome's annoyance then and ever since, they persevered with a sweetness of soul and a most graceful gentleness, in their demands upon individuals in the rights of their thinking and accepting that which was imparted.

Given this explanation, it is therefore fitting that historically the events that took place, brought upon such a nation, should have been cast by that nation - misused opportunities, again too much too soon, too little too late. What could have been a nation of grandeur became a nation of pomposity. (Pompei! Pomposity!) Largely an example of a possible consequence of when a people is given freely many powers of the heavens, and something of an explanation of the reservation and caution that is matched today in our conservatism.

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