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Friday, June 12, 2009

Jurisprudence in the Affairs of Men- 21st April 1991

FOR those seeking clarity in what appears to be the enormous anomalies in world thought and in the character of those proclaiming to hold the truth in a way that they believe that they can benefit the world's wisdom- we may answer that in our Father's house there are truly many mansions - not the least offered by the book of the Mansion Worlds.

One must look to the stars, but one must also fix a gaze intent upon the habitat that is local and important to the time today, in which you dwell. There is much to be put in order, and until a perspective that is clear and true is centered on one's immediate circumstances, then all else that radiates from or is held within and called unto, will be as mist upon the water. Neither shall blend, movements will be quite separate and radically amiss.

Truth is most glorious, but trust firstly in the Father. Ask of yourself, may the seeds of truth be planted in insane soil? And if one questions then sanity - keep questioning, don't allow it to pass as an answer in itself. We do not set out to discredit any such work, however we can ask that you yourself look hard at the contents and from whence it springs forth. 

As to who made such claims for the first part, that requires the premise from those who may follow, that in fact these claims are to be held sacrosanct. Investigate! There need be no fear in this if there is in fact validation. But go to the Father, turn to your inner self, look into the windows of the nature around you, and comfort in the knowledge that the fate of humanity does not rest on the one publication given out by a lunatic (Luna/Lunatic, i.e. under the influence thereof).

It has not been for naught - glean that which is good and perfect, and discard the rest –

God Bless.

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