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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Christian Rosenkreutz- 16th April 1991

CHRISTIAN Rosenkreutz was born in a small village in the fourteenth century. He was born the son of a merchant, who traveled abroad frequently. His mother passed away before the boy had yet become a man. 

He might have been a fairy prince for all the fascination that followed the onlookers of such a fine countenance. It appeared almost impossible that any man should deny his wishes. There was much to be said of the manner in which he strove throughout the world. Folk were all to keen to meet his needs at every stop, during his many lengthy travels, which began at the age of fourteen - similar to that of Francis.

He was truly beautiful to behold, and never did age mark or change his appearance. Fortunately, however, there was never an opportunity for men to question his age, as his presence would dumbfound the brightest inquirer. That which was to remain cloaked, was cloaked - necessarily so.

Adam became Christian. Christian has always been with us. 

All that is deemed favorable in the presence and aura of a man was strong with Christian. He had and does have, full command of all languages, although in the incarnation to which we refer, Latin was a profound passion. His speech was as poetry, his voice a culmination of the verses of the worlds.

Should we ever falter in objectives and outcome, we should look to the Master Christian and all doubt dispels. Surely when one questions such a most highly esteemed teacher of mankind, we can suppose that there must be, not only a representative on Earth of the most lowly of humanity, but also of the highest in Man. He may slip in and out of the worldly condition with the greatest of skillful joy - and the world of Man is his world, and all men his younger brothers.

It is not impossible to personally meet him today, if one can stay awake long enough in his company. He is the great inspirer, and there can be no conversation which could surpass his presence. He is a friend to all men, who are men.

He is Master to all pupils who would learn. 

Today is an important calendar day for such veneration. Hold these thoughts.

[1604- Father R.C.'s tomb opened. 16th April, St. Francis started Church.
16th of every month was kept holy to Mithras. St. Benedict’s birthday.]

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