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Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Friday- Easter 18th April 2014

IT was at the council of Kings that the news, heavy laden, had broken. Not one amongst them was empowered to turn time back upon its axis, to forfeit the events that had conspired to assassinate the Son of the people.

One sat quietly playing jacks on his own. His woven sack spilled over with the calcine of former men. Knuckles and wafers – now pieces in a game of making fortunes and telling fortunes … finding that on this day they had turned red in the bag and the marrow wept from their parched pores and splinters.

He would not bruise” whispered the consort to the noble, as he approached.
The small man lent over and spoke quietly.

“They beat the body on the hour – neither breaking skin nor bleeding beneath – and for this it was said He was healing of Himself repeatedly. The scores had gone and the skin was as new.

“Longinus then had to prove with a poke from his metal; and here he addressed the crowd saying that he will bleed now for certain. And when the water poured from his chest it smelt sweet above the stench, and came not as a seeping but like a rivulet from the open wound; and to the greater aggravation of the imperial Romans the Martyr was becoming a god, even then, in His days of subjugated weakness.”

“But what did he speak of? Did the Chosen One address the crowd? Did He say some Holy wisdom or make some final claim?”

“He muttered much we could not hear – a mad rant some thought, brought on by the pain – for His eyes were looking up, and to whom He spoke no one saw. If given water the wretch did say a few words, usually of blessing, as though with sympathy for the bearer. His consolation embraced His following who suffered His days of torture.”

“Killing the peacemaker was going to be a mistake – one toss of a silver coin and the fates decide, with Mars on side – perchance to shatter the earth and blacken the sun. To what end?”

“There was looting in the barracks below and small contests clashed constantly in the streets. Many of our soldiers were lost to a crowd with mere pelts and barbs. The riots took officials too. Our parliament is now decreased by a third, whilst the hoteliers report that the crowds plundered their stock having crashed through the vaults and raided the cellars whilst the soldiers stood back. Some said that they ate and drank, mourning alongside the protesting rabble. They did not execute their duties and this is known – evident by their fear of reprisal or sympathies for the King of Men.”

A young boy servant interrupted this report, bringing the afternoon’s mead. Several sweetmeats were laid upon the tray beside with flourishes of garnish. The Monarch pushed the tray to one side, dismissing its offering absentmindedly.

Continue” he said gravely, “tell of what next did happen?”

“Well, it was then by day two, that the elephants did arrive. These were not your pageant variety; the kind decorated as we have seen before, with fabrics and jewels … no, no, no, - these had their hides blackened with tar and had moved into the city in a procession of no less than ten. Ten of them! Moving trunk to tail, a convoy of protest sent from the eastern sympathizers – who did not appear in person, oh no, they chose to remain in their mosaic homes and send their emissaries into the fray. It was a spectacle until their death …”

He paused, and looked over at the wine cup, yet no offer came. He resumed, “You see they were making their way to the very execution hill, when one trampled a child and the crowd then turned. The beasts were felled and lay groaning in the street while their keepers fled, cutting their tails before they went.”

“The beasts’ noises could be heard for half a mile or more and it took until nightfall to quiet. This evaporated much of the merriment the free wine had provided.”

“The second night still had their camps about and around the hill, but they were greatly subdued. It was then that the whores went on strike. One had shrouded herself in funerary and the rest complied. If a man approached they beat their chests and yelled insults and curses – anatomical curses – and the men soon left. The harlots are loved and no harm would come to these women.”

“The public anger for this trial had been epic from the start and yet they would have us believe it is an execution as any other – just another day in Roman Israel. Not one account of this public uprising may live to satisfy the fanatics. On the third day this is what was said, and the parliament agreed – for already they feared the legends to come and could feel His immortal ghost beckoning the ages. The hereafter could be dealt with at some later stage, if true it was.”

“And what of the engineers? I had heard of curious workings?”

“The shipwrights and carpenters are strong amongst themselves – it is an intermingled trade, where many have had a long association with one another. They convened a base camp together and created little artifacts in wood. There was a peaceful presence all told – carving little crosses to give to the people saying “remember this day”. Some of those tokens were engraved upon with inscriptions of comfort or date and some even wore them on a necklace or waist. The carpenters had given out a thousand or so of these pieces. Here is one such souvenir.”

He put his hand into a calfskin pouch and produced a rough wooden cross that was scored with the date.

“I see” said the King motioning him to return it to its purse.

What of the children at this time?” he asked. “I heard something of their mothers?”

“Yes, I was coming to that. This was on the third day – a strange recollection.

The peoples' love for this man was blindly underestimated. For it was not by just a phantom reputation he had inspired – He had hundreds of true followers who claimed to have been healed and witness to His very miracles. These fanatics converted more and their appeal against His death was stronger than had ever been for anyone previously convicted. It was no small thing that the usual intimidation did not expire their hopes to save Him. Up until the very end they had rallied in the grounds and stood line upon line confronting the guards who stood shoulder to shoulder surrounding the entire periphery of hill.”

“And, to be reckoned, a great many of these guards were face to face with that of their own and although they did not allow more than a few to enter, they did not anger the protestors beyond containment.”

“There became a fetid smell and still the crowds persisted their chanting and wailing, with some heard to be praying.”

He was interrupted.

“You were going to tell of the children?”

“Yes, yes, I am coming to that my Host. Oh, but wait – did I mention the fireballs that came through the night? Tangle-weeds of light – we thought, surely this was the wrath and rage of the Heavens? It was said also, for on this second night when all had fell to darkness blue flames lit up the scaffolding and the wretch could be seen by all. No amount of lamps lit could create a scene such as this was. Pieces of moon had broken away and sailed into our land, one by one forming balls that twisted as they fell. They sung through the air as big as a man’s head and some, as huge as chariot’s wheels.” He emphasized this very loudly for surely above all else this was to be named a miracle.

The King listened in earnest and pondered its reality.

“And for how long did these lights remain?”

“The entire night until the morning when the blue became gold. It was then, and just then, upon the rising of the sun, that the voices could be heard.”

What voices?”

“Why those of the children – of their singing? The mothers of Antioch and Antipodes, from Bethlehem and the greater Jerusalem – to the Moors from the East where the cloth is most vividly contrived and the women are spiced; and also, from the North with bosoms covered in fur – women of wealth. These were ones who could not be easily displaced and were accompanied by servants in train, and, had brought their young into this terrible place.”

“For by now the stink had risen and the grounds about were trodden flat, and the airs were drenched with sweat and sorrow and much confusion; for they wanted to know how a citizen of the people could be treated so.”

“They suffered this with Him the only length that they could go. And then, upon the morning’s brow, the children with their sweet sweet voices, sang to Him.”

“And they kept singing for many hours and were soon joined by the simple women who too had now brought their young and these pure voices quieted the crowds, and so the infantry did not stop them from this solace. When He finally gave over to death, it was during the choir of thousands singing but simple nursery tunes. If a tortured death could be said to be with peace, then this was so.”

“The corpse, His face, was not turned in pain or fear – as most who go the way of the nails – His face, I saw myself was most beautiful in countenance – it looked as though He was still listening to the voices of the young.”

“And what of the birds?”

“Yes, yes, the birds had come in – at the dawn, with flocks encircling the spaces above. Sparrows and starlings perched the wooden rail – covering every inch. They did not go to the other convicts but just to Him. They did not afflict His body but sat in an orderly way surrounding, and this cheered the children.”

“All in all this ensemble of public protest methinks will be on the record for the evers – that the weight of the love He incurred, even unto death, shall be remembered with the magnitude of a brokenhearted people.”

Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday 2013- 29th March 2013

THE poetry that is Man consists of an abbreviated consciousness, with interludes of pause - and it could be said as well, that a man's life (whether as witnessed from the outside or experienced from the inner) is never so much of a story, as it is rather more that of a poem.

For a single lifetime mingles within a shifting range of continuity, and our being's tumble through the events and obstacles presented ... presuming nothing but expecting all - buoyant on a witless destiny.

The microcosm of Man and his charter of epic stanza is sung by the heavenly choirs and recited in living archives, above and beyond.

The sweetest-sad verse of His collective being tells of death and its harbour of birth.

The story of Christ's sacrifice requires the believer to be very brave. It was never an appealing recount, or easy or warm to consider. For the fundamental aspects of these mysteries invited contemplations of chaos and gloom - speaking of the unutterable sorrows and instabilities - depicting both the heavens and the world as uncertain.

Yet the believers took hold of these frightening and majestic truths. And this was no small thing amidst every other stress and strain that the then modern world brought to bear; accepting a yet broader peril and a greater concern than what already threatened the perimeters of their homes and own.

Life itself became much bigger under the canopy of the newborn Christianity. Having now grown its first teeth and becoming self reflective, men could weigh concerns hitherto unseen, and glimpse the gods of higher knowing.

The path to forgiveness and the love for the family of Man in its entirety was not an easy or desirable mean to live by. What may be commonly accepted now (yet still very difficult to truly practice wholeheartedly) was near impossible to embrace in centuries past.

Prior to the concept's maturity, doctrines of fairness did exist throughout; yet Charity as first principle was to overturn the worldly enterprise.

In sober spirit the force of mind grew stronger - for with all of its giving, the Christian souls birthed the heavenly forces anew, becoming a loadstone of vitality and goodness, relieving the tired mass of its gasping and capricious death rattles.

One often hears the non-believers voice that the path of Christianity is an easy one. Having not looked behind that door they themselves forfeit any opinion they might hold.
We say it was never easy or in truth desirable, but wholesome and worthwhile.

One should rather a sword in hand when going to meet a dragon, than a rabbit. (An old saying).

Upon a cross I shall arise
to kiss the cheek of Moon and Sun,
And with these thoughts,
My Love for Life
In death I shall be born, reborn.

Take now my cloak,
my Heart, my Mind,
to be delivered full well;
With this, my Life,
begin your days,
be all, in truth Eternal.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Path of Warmth- 9th June 2011

CHRONIC stupidity can arise from a number of causes, however there is one malaise in particular that is antecedent to the currency of practical learning and retained knowledge, that is explicit also to cognitive dysfunction. 

Our thought processes live outside of our physical brain and being.  There is electrical activity that occurs within the hemisphere of the brain when 'fishing' for solutions and ideas, whilst also there are 'living' records of the concepts and memories once they are attained.

Actual thinking itself is far more complex in both structure and possibility than computation and association alone.  The suggestion that machine minds can exceed human intelligence is glib and restrictive, whilst also self-prophetic as it is the machine pre-organized thinking that is diseasing our thinking in general today.

Young minds are forceful and energetic. Life gives the young an opportunity to change and shape their time, their era, with their velocity of thought. If you consider this for a moment you can appreciate how quickly history can fall away and let new ideas fashion the present. If this dynamic were not the case then change and improvement would barely be possible.

It is the gift given to every generation - the energetic supremacy within the world of thought. What this means is that the collective thought world of any age is shaped and impressed by the young of its time. From this new ideas are communicated easily and old ideas quickly dissipate.

This is not to say that it is only from young minds that the world can be changed esoterically, for there are unique individuals who can carry the exuberance of their youth into their later years, however in the main the opportunities are delegated to those who will use them.

Returning to thinking and the processes involved: we find that the differences between human thinking and AI (artificial intelligence) can be simply put - one is warm and the other is cold.

You cannot install 'caring' or nurture into a program, that is in any way real. It may mimic something but it will be in actuality an illusion.

One could argue that we are trying to entertain emotion within the thinking and that it is irrelevant and off topic to do so. We answer this thus:

Warmth pervades every interior within the hierarchies of the Heavens. Warmth can be characterized by its temperate dance - for it is neither deathly cold with stagnation nor blazingly hot with consuming, wearing, properties. 

So often people can be described as being coldly uncaring or indifferent, or so very fiercely emotional that they begin to wither the other folk around them. Whereas the 'warm' people are those felt to bring comfort with their presence, who do not impinge in a negative way but rather bring life and hope and caring to those around them.

The nobleness of warmth far exceeds the small behaviors of dear people, for its body is that of the essential and cosmic virtue, out from which our very spiritual lives are formed.

Such nurture is Godliness and no less. Gentle nurture and its warmth holds and protects and keeps in check the motions of the planets, the ecology of the realm - ever weighing and balancing need upon need, place upon place, with both reverence and kindness evidential in being. Think not that life itself could continue, were it not for the kindness that the Infinite permits. 

Without the generosity which nurturing warmth does bring, all things would be in isolation and not even each to his own - merely one in the singular with nothing - no mothers or fathers or suns. 

The principle of warmth manifests wherever there is need calling it into being.  This is a natural response and so characterizes its goodness and properties. Warmth is the conveyor, but not the heat itself.  It is the heavenly deliverer conducting what otherwise would be too much energetic force, or too little without its presence.

And likewise, even in human behavior, the warmth can temper the heat and revive the cold - it is essential to health, both mental and physical.  A cold mind or an over-active mind loses its discernment for logic and the pathways to it. 

Both the cold mind and the over-active heated thinking tend towards self-centered behavior. Self-centeredness does not provide a conduit into thinking. 

Remembering that new thinking occurs outside of the body and into the ethers, self-centered individuals are 'brain bound' and by their own determining and cannot reach further than themselves. 

The thought world and the thinking processes are all around us.  In point of fact, the physical world is thought manifest.

Thought itself may have many shapes, forms and density variants, but it is essentially, the 'stuff of stuff' around us continually rearranging itself. 

To the seer the thoughts an individual entertains can comically be forming in the ethers around him - like an animated play. The memories and imaginings can appear etherically with form and shape and sometimes even person - in entourage to the individual who visits these thoughts, and for a time, makes them so tangible. 

The act of wondering is literally the experience of stepping out from oneself.  To ponder, to question, to wonder, opens the door of self into the immediate and provoking otherness, and one only has to imagine this feeling without even a direction, to sense the ideas that lie outside of their own reckoning. 

The talent of a man lies in his discerning and choosing; it was never in one's own genius alone. For it is impossible to know something you have not known before without it coming from outside the realm of your own immediate thinking. And unless you were born an adept with the recall of many lifetimes past, you simply do not have the original knowledge or pathways to it within your own mind. 

One's own soul holds recollection and can 'think', yet the soul does not live in the brain and nor will it be found there.

The egoic complex has fine thinking, but it does not reside in the brain nor can it be found there either. 

Our egoic thinking really is developing into that which chooses all things within the deepest sincerity. In some it functions well, in some it is yet too feint: for many physical and mental aggravants inhibit its purpose and drive the mediocre impressions primarily. Egoic thinking is prime, yet handicapped by intoxicants, corrupt, selfish or lewd thinking, trauma and of course physical decline. 

This subject borders the considerations of free will and choosing. If it is to be the function of the ego to choose, then generally speaking we are empowered also to ignore it and the values of choosing 'wisely'. If habits or ill health presides, then original choosing will be mean and determined by our glibness... often needing a fresh start, a new life with young eyes, to be able to try again with our strengths so intended.

Secondary to this is the overall thought world and the impressions it has to offer.  In eras past there were all kinds of struggles and philosophical imaginings that were about physical and spiritual survival, and the Divine. This generally (in the West) is preoccupied with fantasy and entertainment - with an immense amount of mental energy being spent on going down electronic paths of predetermined games. Hours, days, months and years can be spent 'exploring' the visual stories given out through these games - and also their best years, when it comes to the formation of new thought which is to be plastic to the aspirations and velocities of the generation at hand.

The concept of entertainment is very much one of being temporarily disconnected from the concerns of ordinary life - to feel a 'relief' as it were, from the pursuing worries. Not only does media disseminated knowledge exacerbate great fear and concern in relation to the worries of countries, currencies and the ecology today, but also the immediate thought world is saturate with this concentration of fear.

Then there is the internet - where for the moment one can find resourceful knowledge, and communication can be useful, generous, supportive and even warm. 

Fundamentalist reforms will become larger and stronger than ever before. Even though one might imagine that they are based on older traditions and respect for such etc., you will find that it is the young that drive and enforce these factions, populating and promulgating their 'truths' now repackaged. 

Idiocy is on the increase for two reasons - firstly self-centeredness, secondly, the ethers close by are over-full right now with relatively useless, go-nowhere thoughts inspired and inspiring this age of entertainment. For the more folk consider escapism as a proper part of living life, the worse this relay will become. 

Nourishing thoughts are to be found still, and for those with a compassionate heart the way of warmth will bring them lively interactions with both this world and the next.

Perhaps in this era, it shall no longer be spoken that one walks the path of the light or the dark, but of the divine deliverer - that of Warmth.

Friday, April 6, 2012

The Methods of Christ- 22nd April 2011 Easter

OUR Lord Christ was and is, likable.

He is, in majesty - apparently and most obviously - commanding, handsome and calm.

In issues not so apparent, His attributes could be described as adoring, passionate, energetic, cohesive, ordered, most serious, cultured (in the true sense of the word, and having all cultures within), momentary yet eternally focused, benevolent, enthusiastic, artistically creative, gentle, powerful, charismatic (in the pure sense), thoughtful, polite, considerate, playful, well humored, compassionate, persuasive, cooperative, altruistic, reverent, appreciative, friendly, sincere, utterly honest, straightforward, helpful, warm, approachable, extraordinary, talented, unselfish, objective, understanding, tolerant, problem solving, mighty, concerned, generous, humble, grieving, open-hearted, and above all else, most loving.

Today we celebrate His Being, and commiserate His Sacrifice. For He is the unseen Hero, Champion by default, defender of all Goodness; Lord to both creatures and men, for whom the Angels are mystified.

Christ, beloved of the Gods and Hosts ascending, with remarkable effort and concentration He bore our troubles, that we might have an eternal freedom within the fields of Heaven.

Christ You are no orphan, for Your Heavenly Father stands beside You - and we, in this grand order and family so tied, seek your Grace and supplication throughout the ways here and beyond.

Dear Soul of all souls, You know us completely - we ask that your goodness become apparent within our actions - that permeate our thinking, our willing and our feeling - that You are reborn in every moment that lives in the lives of men.

Dear Christ, Your very Presence brings the healing that is prayed for - and the Peace. Across the seas from life to new life, you carry us so. Along the plains of the ordinary to the hilltops of the extraordinary, you lift our souls. From the fires to still waters, our intimacy grows.

Luminescent in the most depressed of dark spaces, there is no place You cannot permeate and light. The immorality of fear dissolves where You go, and its treacherous mistruths also. No lie survives around you, hatreds dissipate, serpents lose their teeth.

Beyond a doubt, where doubts cannot reach, and further than the span of woe, to realms where only the good can go … in vivid plot, the widening girth of history wobbles, the dramatic procession of this, civilization. And with all of the clamoring, the building and later the dying, the constancy, amidst this brevity, remains. For finite living invests in resurrection - for one and for all - it could never hold confidence in earthly promises alone.

Demons will goosestep their way into a self-made oblivion. The conceited chatter vainly to only that of their sad reflection - yet even this and they shall be improved. For there is no creature immune to goodness, no entity who is so tragically cast out, that cannot be brought back into true love.

The methods of Christ are sufficient to the need - they encompass and surpass the degrees and scope once was. And the battering, the argument, the negotiating of evil for good; the descent into matter, into death and to darkness, the compliance, the subjugation, the trial and the pain - and then, the transforming, the redeeming, the life restoring ... all these events were endured in an earlier cosmic era, by our Beloved Christ to affect one for all.

With different faces and objectors, principles and principalities, yet essentially the same quintessential actions and results, this martyrdom had been played out before in an earlier story.

And from all of this is won our freedoms. From all of this, the might is enforced. And from true sacrifice by the one who will wear it, is so too the sovereign’s cloak.

The darkest of days was not a mistake - yet in overall measure, we still weep for His trials. For the burdens of hope, and the aspects protected, are there in His Care, in His Life, in His Work.

Our selves cannot measure all that Christ gives to us, in the futures now waiting, in the pathways to love. We know not His motives, His hardships or thought, but we can thank this Brother with all praise from our hearts. And strive to live so - as He does in Himself - with a clarity that puts need above everything else; with a vision that holds every heart dear within, and a solemn fealty to all that is Him.


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