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Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Triangle- 25th April 1991

THE triangle has a base of support for the pinnacle. The pinnacle is the culmination, the summation of the form, and where those directives meet.

Viewed as a pyramid, the expression of the triangle is a good example as to the necessity of the broad base. Here is the contrast of the multitudes, with the divinity aspired to and supporting the steady climb. This is a good meditation in itself: to observe the pyramid. 

Prometheus taught that one is compelled to seek perfection and aspire throughout our many-levelled being. We radiate outward and are manifest throughout many spheres, many kingdoms, although our consciousness is but placed at one point at any given time. However our base is the world itself and all of that substance which is the world and in all of the realms of soul that inhabit the world. Herein is man's fingers and toes - truly the interconnection is an undefiable reality, and not just a relationship based on the perception of such a reality. Our extremities flow into the oceans and up through those sleeping mountainous giants. . . and our heads are beyond the clouds amongst the stars, as it were.

There is a proverb:
At root of ancient tree the new moss grows.
- and we abide in both tree and moss and the two cling together, heaving in Sun, Water and Earth.
Within the scheme of Creation, which one of us may ask for a place that is excelled above another, or claim more or less importance?

Laughter cleanses the ether. The wise, the insane and the infant, may laugh. Laughter is an almighty challenge, before the soul contests to withdraw or take in that which presents itself.
Propriety, humility and joy - this is the discussion. These attributes assist the path of wisdom. Recklessness of judgment, egotism and fear inhibit the path of true learning. Be of the Earth, the Waters and of the Sun, for this is thy home.

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