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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Magnus Entrusta- 17th April 1991

FREDERICK THE GREAT frequented the courts and palaces of Spain and France in the latter part of the eighteenth century. His mission was as a courier distributing and delivering certain manuscripts and objets d'import to the various members of the (then secret) Société de la Rose-Croix.

Noblemen and women of fixed stations and commissions within their society (provincial, town and country) held fast to keep the knowledge in circulation, which would pass from the holy order through the courts of Europe. Into those hands certain precepts were to be entrusted.

There were two objectives in the collection of such material. Firstly, there was to be a compilation of the The Divine Order of Seven - Magnus Entrusta - Jewel of the Sea. Secondly, there were to be kept certain reliquiae that were gleaned from the Asiatic provinces, which hitherto various monks and scholars had held as custodians.

The task set out was an enormous endeavor: to collect all such material and guide it through to those vaults which were to be a depository for the holy works.

This mass peregrination of material was caused by the alarming incidence of robberies and deception. Whole communities were jeopardized by those who sought the material in order to commit the manuscripts and reliquiae into profane and degrading worship; furthermore to destroy such articles, that they would be no more.

Many artworks were included in this, whereupon veiled messages were concealed, as to the linkages of the true Order and its ways.

Frederick the Great

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