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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Did You Know?-1991

DID YOU KNOW that life contains a series of heartbeat failures that must be accordingly revived second to second? It is when the heart may no longer achieve the reaction we usually refer to as heart-failure.

It is the dual-nature characteristic of life, which permeates all impulse and successive responses. The cessation of life permits following renewal, without which there would not be the pulsating vitalities which, in order to ebb and flow throughout Creation, may at pausal intervals intervene.
Were all time to halt in an instant and resume at a period given to the future, should we know of the gap in between? Would we know of that flickering between life and death, between every heartbeat, throughout every episode of sleep?

Here is an indication of the world and its heaving breath, with time contained and all things assimilated in this way. 

There are many episodes that are forever shifting, cycles endured and phases uncomprehended, confounding upon themselves; the patterns of extremities, though not of actualities.

Can one hear the silence? How can one hear silence? Does one perceive an eyelid flicker?

There truly is more than meets the eye.

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