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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Tradition- 1st January 1991


LONG after all traditions have broken down, the Truth itself, which was but the cornerstone of those entrusted traditions, shall prevail. Traditions have been put in place to speak to man in a way in which little else could be compared with. 

Ceremony, performed in earnesty, works magic, undeniable magic, which calls upon devic forces - not the angelic, as is misunderstood. It is from the elemental influences, upon which we are so closely bound together with, that answer to the ceremonies of men. 

Men cannot through ritualistic means, command those who are from comparatively higher realms. Such contact is not possible, and contradictory. Men may beseech and plead those from higher spheres, but never can conjure, or create manifestive appearances. 

There are realms to be respected of elemental origin, but also those too, who for reason of design, are best left without overly much attention. Even the primal beings which are so incorporated within the air (wind), the fire, the earth, are as such- cosmic brothers, who are quick to respond. 

Tradition is sympathetic, and seeks to re-establish relations with such forces that abound. The close connection between man and his elemental sphere is indisputable. . .

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