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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Path- 1990

THE axis of the Earth is the channel through which the multitude of beings stream through. Various planets have their channels into which, souls pass through on their heavenly peregrinations throughout the Cosmic stratosphere. When the circulations of travel are referred to, it is through these doorways that all entities are drawn.

It is said that within an orbit the center is stationary. This is quite correct. Here is the heart of the matter. True space travel and its destinations reside - in spiritual terms - in such places. But it would be incorrect to picture these repositories in a material way, devoid of light or its influences.

Each planet has a condensed foci point, thats center is in itself a gateway into a higher sphere or plane of action. Precisely, the diagrams of the concentric circles are actual: inwards, then upwards, and so forth.

The characteristic soul-quality of each and every planet that is within the circulatory pathway, contributes a distinct influence upon the soul of Man and is reflected within: all individual colors on the painter's palette.

Frogs with their watery disposition, as indeed many of their slimy friends, come under the influence of that planet, which in our terms, abides nearest the Moon, but is quite invisible in its most densely oriented mass, to be seen by the eye. Nonetheless it holds representation in form amongst the inhabitants here. Dinosaurs were of the same origin.

Dolphins however, come from a totally different region. Their free nature, affection infilled, belongs to the evolution of Venus, and in many respects they belong in neither water nor air. They represent the beginnings of a future species.

So the animal kingdom is divided quite specifically into split influences depending on their parent planets and evolutionary destiny. It is during this period that their characteristic planetary qualities are first bestowed, instilling and building a foundation for further receptive capabilities much further on in evolution.

'The Path' as so commonly referred to, is indeed the path through which we must pass throughout cosmic circulation. The knack however is to journey with full experience acknowledged and received in each realm; rather than the influences being superimposed on the salient being.

We hope to begin to start tying the threads together now. Pictures given in the past, teachings given by fine teachers, were laid out in waiting for the final keys to be passed on. All of them knew this, and with restraint and patience, diligence and hope, they strove to lay the foundations for future teachings to come forth and fill in the gaps, so to speak. Indeed, these were the terms in which they gave the knowledge out; suitably restrained from throwing down the whole.

It takes generations to absorb and carry forth that which they did give, and with effort and impulse the initial work was achieved. Probably with more success than is realized. We do not reckon with gambling, but the phrase "playing the last hand" is relevant here. And with the finesse of the winner who has the "full-house" we acknowledge the importance of timing. Did they ever presume otherwise?
Not to worry, the seas are welling up, gathering force. Do not doubt or lose faith in us or in Mother Truth. The conditions that were set previously are being lifted now for the next phase to begin.

(Mork, signing out - Nanu Nanu.)

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