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Monday, May 11, 2009

POWER from CITRUS Fruits-1990

CITRUS FRUITS, (no one in particular) can be used for the extraction of acids and by use of honey, to power certain mechanisms free of pollutants and odorous discharge. Here lies the answer at present to the question of the importance of distillation and properties that may advantage further knowledge.

Honey is at the top of the scale for use in such procedures. In the past it has been unrecognized that sugars employed in such a process have had various grades of result, mistaking all to be the same in the action and interaction they are seeking to excite.

Sugar and acid combined together in a fluid condition activate the powers of further growth, releasing combustive implosions in constant argument- the two elements, each attempting to overcome the other.

Fuel combinations of acid/oil (from citrus) and sugar will motivate machinery one day.

Unleashing minerals into the atmosphere by way of fuels used today, is releasing the elementary entities from their earthly habitat causing undue burdens on the surrounding air and ether which they invade. Far better to leave these forces contained where possible; and certainly it is undesirable to activate these minerals with life and motion, as is done when put to work to inspire activity and energy. 

The subtle power generated by a higher kingdom is not dissimilar to the relationship between Man and his stomach, and the vital action that powers his metabolism.

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