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Thursday, May 14, 2009

We Pray…11th June 1990

WE pray also - you must understand - and those who have gone before us, further along the way, they too, and their fathers, they too. It is a communion we all share and partake in. It is not a practice, but divine communication - there is an enormous difference in this. It is what it is.

There are veils beyond veils and streamlined functions conducted throughout by the invisible hand that guides the communicatee. We seek help and solace, and are comfort in the knowledge that it is only a prayer away.

True, it is so much the more difficult in the realms of the bodily perfunctoriness. For a time this was meant to be, to find all possibilities anew to awake the sleepy soul. And the inner paths are endless, save one.

Though they be somewhat transmuted, we share the problems that hinder here. It is, as it were, that life is but a hint and a glimmer of former glory and wondrous possibilities yet to be beheld. How can it be otherwise? Think that if there is a stream of possibility in the life that you know now, surely the heavens share in a more wondrous counterpart. There are no two rules. It extends to every phase of existence. You had the words “as above, so below” how about “anything you can do, we can do better!"

If kamaloka is deemed to be here with you now, so are the heavens also. Distance is only defined by the perceptor, not in actuality, as the possibilities exceed that of the perceptor always. Take comfort in this. Acknowledge that all that is on Earth was and is of heavenly making, and is not specific to this existence, only that you experience it now.

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