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Friday, May 15, 2009

The Equinox- 1990

The Equinox is harvest time in the spiritual world. There is much rejoicing and this is the time where the lead of the dance changes over. 

Picture four different groups of gaily clad dancers, with four different costumes - as one group ceases its motions, another steps forth to begin. With skillful movements their splendid performance takes over for another quarter.

The changing-over period is quite marvelous, as there are for that time not one group of performers but two in action together - because there is no break in the performance ever, just a change in performers. These quarterly sessions have not the duration as we know it here. Imagine dancing for one hundred and twenty two days without rest the finest, most strenuous ballet, spinning and weaving into rhythms of future re-enactment, with each light-footed dancer trailing cosmic streams above and below. Each movement is translated into actuality.

A most complicated expression!

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