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Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Clown & the Saint- 26th May 1990

IF one seeks to realize just why the clown has been so popular throughout history - the jester, the puppeteer, the fire eater, knife thrower - and not the sage nor saint - then it must be reckoned firstly whether or not popularity amongst consensus is just, pure and correct.

What do the entertainers have that the master has not? It is the presumption of humility on the part of the audience, the presumption that elevates their own personal status for an instant.

The servant who performs captivates the attention by extraordinary means - and by going to such lengths, the laughter at the idiot is founded on their pinions, the wings of arrogance. If after the performance, the audience shouts "He is truly great!” it is perhaps to say "He makes me feel good, that fool, I should not do what he has done! I am happy to watch, and marvel, at such silliness."

The sage, the doctor, the scientist, cannot inspire such enthusiasm. They threaten the status of the observer. Even dogs measure the depth of their growls, and establish the superior upon meeting.

Do the humble ever laugh at the comedian, or do they weep with him at his perceptive observations? Humility is the first requirement in order to place oneself at the feet of the master, any master, be it God, or neighbour, in order to listen and learn, and strike the soul's enthusiasm.

Christ never sought a conquered people. Dictatorships arise when humility has been instilled in a weakened majority of depressed and faithless people - and then the said dictator need not dance or joke, for morale ensures his power and status. When the bellies of the people are comfortable they rarely take heed of any other.

The broken and crushed come to the teachings, this they have in common. And hopefully, if the teachings are right, they shall strengthen those that would sip of truth's elixir, and not break them further. The teacher in the clown suit will never inspire respect - even though the audience be great in numbers. The teacher who threatens and causes the souls to quake, shall not reach the hearts within. The teachers of wisdom must wait patiently, that they may work together in humility, with peace, fervor and joy in their studies.

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