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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Prayer & Radiation- 1990

RADIATION, excessive radiation, has a profound effect on the Earth's magnetism and its polar structure. Radiation is life unleashed, so to speak - formidable, all powerful, when the balance is momentarily displaced - matter unlocked - an awesome result ensues.

Matter is bound by its own complications. Existence relies on resistance to Life, and the Powers that surround. It is semi-paralytic. Flux and flow are stabilized in rhythmic obstructions, guarded from being torn apart by the veritable lion of life-forces (of which there are many). Radiation is a result of interference which allows the structure to be vulnerable, in a way that life and consequently death, break loose into a whirlwind fury.

Prayer can release the bonds of material existence also. This after-effect would not be radiation, but it is not dissimilar in the way in which the possibilities are thrown into being. The difference is this: the superstructure behind the material extension is not interfered with. With prayer, laws are not thrown into chaos, but quite often returned to. Opening oneself or surrounds to the heavenly forces is as dramatic to the material substructure; but as an aid to return to the underlying laws that govern that destiny and soul-structure.

However, radiation caused by Man's unlawful interference is not governed or subject to higher subjugation, but is randomly wielding powers: erratically, wildly and out of control, with unconscious destruction of Nature herself; holding no purpose to itself but to tear down the very structure of the material world. When unleashed like a tornado it requires much strength of the Keepers to try to contain the effects and hold back, stabilize and control the devastating mess that is left. All the kingdoms and their natural progressions are interfered with, and the Earth itself has rhythms interrupted.

Lower realms strive alike to every other, to move on to higher worlds - it is inherent in all. But it should not be conducted at the expense of the kingdoms above and their destinies.

Certain classes of beings who would happily take the body and soul of a man are, in sad fact, striving to better their evolution and grow in capability beyond what they have allotted at present. Look to any of the darker path, obviously discontent with their present lot they strive in a way (unlawfully) to overtake and further their own dark improvement, without comprehension of the truth that this can never be forcibly achieved through sheer will and want: that you cannot step on the kingdoms to climb your way up to the Heavens and sit on the Lap of our Father!

Atomic radiation and its effect, opens the Earth to the subatomic forces, drawing an intake of yet more beings to be absorbed, clamoring to take part in this evolution, pushing through the door as it were, amassing and cleaving to the Earth with every opportunity.

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