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Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Lodestone of WISDOM- 1991

TO be earnest about one's studies and responsibilities, is to summon the will in order to concentrate on performing the task set before one. To be earnest and determined is an essential prerequisite which can be overlooked by the intellect of one who is so caught between many small demands, duties, studies and interests, that they accustom proportioning a meager interest in all, and the will is so divided and sapped and no particular one is concentrated on and worked thoroughly through.

It is preferable to have knowingly chosen a stream of belief whereupon one gives full dedication, thereby creating a foci for the components of one's lifestyle to orbit around- having a fixed station, central to that life and its strivings.

During the course of a life one may choose to fix their attention and devotion to many differing aspects of inspiration. However, sadly there are many today, especially within the Western world (who are setting pace throughout the socialist countries), that mistakenly hold the viewpoint that 'freedom of the individual' implies that no one particular system of thought is to be applied to in seriousness, in earnest, but rather experience of life itself would become the all important teacher as to the mysteries of life. So the only earnest pursuit was in pursuing a lifestyle which chose to ignore the earnest pursuit, to fill one's days with occupations and indulgences that did not adhere to any particular progression of inquiry. "I shall keep an open mind" is the popular phrase, or "Who really knows?" is the follower thought; which suggests that divine wisdom is not to be had by anyone, and that they shall not endeavor to discover the whys and wherefores of life, because on this assumption such whys and wherefores do not exist, and if they did they are somehow irrelevant to their knowing personally.

So in the modern world folk find it very difficult to perceive the truth and nature of any facet of their life, as there is no basis to their perceptions and no ground for their feet to rest upon. They are as moss with nothing in particular to attach themselves to, until such a time as they choose an earnest pursuit.

All thoughts are offspring from higher values and profound concepts, would that they were investigated. A particular thought never loses its parent connection, and the higher thought can be reached by a man when the initial thought is consulted in earnest.

It is much alike to the hall with many doors. Should a man consciously pronounce "I shall go into the inquiry, based on the concept that the world is truly flat", then eventually with dedicated pursuit of such an assumption, the truth of that matter will be revealed. The aspects that involve such an inquiry, with careful observation, shall also be digested; so long as there is an active interest, an intent, an earnest and a conscious starting-point.

If the statement had referred to the world and its roundness, the perception of the world and the inquiry to follow should also lead to staggering truths. However these two examples may be difficult to follow through with, with fervour.

Let us say then for example, a man might base his world inquiry and dedication to living by the example set before us of our Lord, Christ. This study and dedication which has assumed value, is now central to the life and perspectives of that soul which has consciously held that all else shall be to reveal this higher knowledge of our Lord. If in earnest, even the morning bread shall now speak to that man.

One might seek to attach themselves to the veterinary sciences or botanical inquiry. Serious devotion to such study will not only help the man examine the truth of the nature of these kingdoms, but also that of the order and nature of Man.

Questions must be asked continually, and before one can be stimulated and motivated in keen interest and awareness, one must adopt an earnest dedication which can be the basis and focus point for such questions to attract themselves to. This involves a conscious decree which shall stream forth from the individual, out into the course of his life and into its connections, reaching the appropriate questions, bringing home the wonderfully profound explanations. This is setting a magnetic field of wisdom, with the lodestone being the earnestness of dedication to a particular wisdom.

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