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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sun-bathing at Sunrise- 2nd June 1990

THERE are great and fantastic merits to be had at sunrise! It is vitally important not to miss the beginning of the day in conscious wakefulness - to be rising just before and to take part in the grand opening and the forces that stream through at that time.

This is a complete day. Sunrise is creation herself. One can mark the path of Man's evolution by the proceeds of a twenty-four hour day.

Wonderful replenishing therapy for the sickly, it's essential to begin from this point and not sleep through the blessed event. Show us a wretched demon-infested soul who rises before dawn, nay, a prisoner's routine should bring them out into the new day to draw in the purity, the golden milk of the spirit, to be uplifted back into humanhood where they belong.

One will definitely tire less easily if one is up and mobile before the dawn. Of course as everyone ventures further into the conscious hours, strength wanes to a point where heaven must take over - so feeble the constitution!

But the gift of life itself is imparted at the rising and so many unfortunates miss out, day by day in their slumber, and the stranglehold of tiredness tightens fast.

A healthy child will instinctively rise always at this time. This tonic is not to be underestimated. If one charted a graph they would find that corrupt deeds are rarely, if ever, conducted in those precious early hours of sanctity: during that holy hour.

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