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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Painting using Colored Filters- 1990

TAKE a board with a background that is not stark white, but cream/pale, pink/yellow. Take colored filters to view through, and employ each color singly.

There are to be no given lines imposed on the top of this technique. Start not from light to dark or vice versa, but from red working through the spectrum to green.

Find the pitch of color that stands out clearly through the filter and then a message visually can be enclosed in that combination. When finished, once the filter/s are removed the veiled picture should not be visible, but a different image remains on the board. Should the message be pleasant the response will be good. Many paintings have been done in this way.

The key is the use of dots. For example, overall purple, but the underlying picture is in shades of red, then interspersed with blues and lighter mauve/orange etc.. Then by use of the filter, the image in red can be deciphered.

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