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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Tibet- 17th March 1991

IN little Tibet the chill winds carry freedom and purity that encircles the small world. Little by little as the snowcaps rise and permeate the clouds that brush past the holy sanctity of those high mountainous regions, expels a truth from a former age kept in the frozen mass of holy water, flowing through to what rivers that can be abounded into. In ages past there were reservoirs of wisdom for humanity; now stored in the uppermost icy formations - a veritable elixir of life!

Multitudes of sleeping angelic beings reside in the snowy summits. Their release comes little by little as they flit back into the world, bearers of beauty, grace and of heaven itself.

The communities who reside in these regions possess in their humble affairs, that same grace and warmth of soul-life. One only has to look in their gentle eyes to find great love and true linkage with a people and a land, vastly differing from that of a savage. In the foothills true communities reside, where the word opinion is omitted from their vocabulary. Such folk are somewhat a guidepost for our future generations; gentle, kind and generous a people, with a beatitude for true sanity.

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