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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Balance- 1991

ON a sandy beach one may sink their toes into the sand and know the drag and the difficulty in trying to speedily walk. A hard impacted firm surface is preferable for walking with ease, whereby the weight of the body may be evenly distributed. 

When a vocalist attempts a steady range, that they may keep the notes in proper order and not quiver in and out of semitones and flats, there is a balance required for such control, a balance between breath and vocal organs. Birds balance against the various wind drifts and currents, and from these navigate their flight and flight speeds. Mathematics and physics are precise sciences that too, require a balance which as been worked from a steady basis of presumption, into contrasting formulae.

One must set a firm ground, a series of given conditions, which set the balancing determination which one may work from. In all areas of activity this law carries through, for without the correct conditions subsequent interaction - which is ever balancing - may not be established fluently. So one cannot achieve a balance in any respect without the two contrasts being legible. One may determine the other, and the working in between is dependent on both.

Throughout life we have both the capacity to find such balances, and also make up the second score which achieves this reconciliation. It is the personal adjustment to original conditions that determines success or failure in any given situation. And so one must necessarily become adept in the original assessment of those conditions which we must work with.

In the case of the sand beneath our feet, there are difficulties one must adjust to in order to remain upright. The ordinarily unconscious act of walking need be addressed with every step, as the sinking ground stresses the ankle this way and that, providing not the usual firmness on which to spring from. Any ground may have ditches or ridges, where caught off-guard we may be required to reassess promptly our position and footing, and make the necessary adjustments to our response accordingly.

So the question of balance is of relative balance. When one refers to an individual as being 'unbalanced', we are implying that they have difficulties in adjusting to a series of conditions and making corresponding changes, answers to life, that will see them through. Being simply balanced in oneself can have no bearing on making necessary adjustments to outer conditions, as there are all sorts of occurrences that may happen upon a man, in which there is not the time or the know-how to make perfect response. Learned responses and intuitive responses do usually put us in good stead. But it is the unusual or remarkable set of conditions that may challenge us and throw us into semi-chaos when not adjusted to in a balancing way.

Stars determine orbit by balancing those fields of magnetic adjustments between themselves and that which is in opposition to the field of their own making. Without such balancing and cooperative re-exacting one should impact another through conflicting course. Given this line of thought, one may never 'go it alone', as coexistence requires a balancing interaction at all levels, involving all beings, with no one being separate or off-cast to this principle.

One may never divorce oneself from outer conditions in preference to our inner realities, as we are called upon (as captain of our ship) to navigate at all times and continually re-evaluate, reassess our proportionate relationship to everything met in the outer world. Our attention is called for every minute, to meet with new challenges and balance our bearing with them. Many carry on quite well for a time on 'automatic pilot' so to speak, given that we do not make all adjustments consciously and usually dwell in the familiar for this reason. However, inner strength is formed in the process of outer awareness and our ability to meet with challenges that present themselves, and find the balancing answers in our relation to them.

In time there is always a principle where there is a meeting, a conflict, an opposition of two poles: +. One will discharge, one will receive, and the balance is in the regulating, and the regulating is always governed through the possibility which lies through the adjustment of one and the other being stable. 

One pole is unstable and may be altered accordingly; one pole is stable and may stay that way to be worked from. Never try to adjust both poles. Alike to a weighing beam, one must keep one at the level that the other is to measured against and not shift from one to the other, as this will de-stabilize the entire beam. You cannot isolate the beam from the weighing device, de-stabilize it and whilst holding it, add this and that weight to either side. One end of the beam must be suspended with determined significance set, whilst the other is aligned and adjusted from that.

This is the basis of reality. We are answerable to make up the equations. We are fluent. We adjust. We work from that which in time remains static and fixed, so that we may make balances and relations to that being possible. The law of karma works in this way exactly. There is the precision of that being fixed, and the condition of that which is alterable. We continually adjust and readjust in each and every instance.

In a fixed Cosmos there would be no activity. In a non-fixed Cosmos there would be Chaos in activity. In a two-poled Cosmos there is a happy mix of reality and possibility. We have been empowered to dwell in the fixed conditions and effect constant change upon them. The latter determines the former, whilst the former follows the latter.

Some circumstances are simply beyond personal adjustment. Our capabilities may not extend beyond the boundaries so set and here we call upon Divine intervention in balancing our needs: we pray.

The physical constitution works in this way. One pole receives fixed matter, we must assimilate, adjust and balance such matter, and discharge the rest. We breathe in and breathe out. That which we breathe in is fixed, that which we breathe out is adjusted. If we breathe in water and have not gills for the required adjusting and cannot balance those needs, we die. That is reality.

Fixed realities must be respected, known of and then redetermined. One may not effect change without knowledge of that one seeks to change. This is where the folk who question reality are completely 'off beam' in such thinking. To command change over reality, one must work with a fixed reality.

This too is a basis of alchemy: to know the substance one is working from and adjust and balance accordingly. Change is possible everywhere. That is unquestionable. All that is, is flexible and plastic to change. 

It is the knowledge of given relationships and the determination of that which at the time is fixed, and that which is alterable, so that the fixed may be altered. A bean may never be a carrot, but nine beans may share the same weight as a carrot, and in this respect can be alike. But one must find the formulation of nine, as eight or ten will not hold any similarity. 

Such laws appear complex and in truth are. All workings throughout life run concordantly, and are necessarily interdependent, whilst remaining independent. There is familiarity and uniqueness, there is activity and quiescence; and as with colored lights at an intersection, one must remain stationary for a time, to allow the flow and progression of those crossing through. (+)

The balance learned in self-development, is in the wisdom of that which is fixed and that which proceeds and the according workings thereof.

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