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Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Fairy in Fact- 21st March 1991

IT is small wonder that those who would be princess of the fay folk should sit astride the marigold. And also that these beings should congregate amongst the flowers, whose distinct influences radiate the qualities which are most alike the various natures of those elemental beings. When the illustration depicted bells for hats and trumpets, and dew on mossy green, here was paradise as still is - the flowery perfumes a constant reminder of those kingdoms who choose to dwell at the footsteps of the Gods.

Symbolism is fine as far as it goes, as a worthy instructor. But there is no more reality in symbolism itself, as there is in the concept of symbolism. There is truth and its connections, concepts reflecting that which is real. There is actuality, which no symbol can truly account for- it is or it simply isn't.

And so we look for the seed of truth of a spiritual reality. Instruction in fanciful symbolism would be a deterrent, if anything, from the reality which we seek to study. A fairy, for example, is not a symbol of quaintness and dainty. To say that it might seek the influence of certain divinities is not just a pleasant tale set to awaken us to the glory of nature. The fairy and its pursuits are quite real, as with the glory of reality; rather than a fanciful notion of what might or might not be, in a better or lesser world.

This is of itself an important point. That from the outset one clearly establishes true fact from fancy, and whether or not one is interested in the business of sorting out which from which. Discrimination in choosing one's subject matter for study is essential also, of course; and with respect for follow-on studies in the future, it is totally necessary.

There are even mysteries that lie in the bottom of a hog’s hoof. Who knows which path we may endeavor down in order to pursue a point of learned inquiry? This was not meant to be sarcastic, but many a joke comes to mind when one sights how many there are in the immediate yard that one has close at hand to study!*

However, we should be ill advised to point out every fault and indiscretion, lest we never come to the real studies for lack of time and paper by the time of summation.

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