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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Mayflower- 19th March 1991

Any food that has water extracted from it is to be avoided - with the exception of pulses and the like, that can be water imbued. Give ample time for the grains to absorb the water.

Where the natural moisture is retained, in fruit and vegetable, these may be consumed. Vegetables, steamed, not boiled, are naturally preferable. Beverages are fine [non alcoholic]. In any instance where the food is to be taken without dilution, liquid must be ingested with the meal.
Try this to combat fatigue. Think liquid!

THE MAYFLOWER has properties which enhance the working function of the organs. A particularly hardy plant, it draws poisons unto itself and purifies the surrounding ether. Were that we were like the Mayflower in our vigilance.

Whilst not particularly aromatic, the leaves are pungent, quite bitter and best avoided. The radiating flower however, is a jewel among its garden family. Pest insects will not attack or be attracted to this plant, however the bees and ants will marvel and rejoice within its emanations. A most virtuous flower indeed!

It is no mistake that the great lady ship should have been named so. Any quest is beset by trials and burdens, of which the Mayflower has been known to overcome all.

There are plants of an older world who would happily slumber, content in the dreams and remembrance of a former age, but not suited to the changing conditions and evolution of the planet today. The Mayflower however, is progressive and clearly works toward building and shaping our future; a responsive and cooperative nature.

Each god has his flower, which as a toenail, springs forth at the feet from where he passes. Happy is the vision of such pathways of glorious radiating flowers blazing throughout the world, as the invisible gods step through those trails and pathways.

Hepatica triloba, liverleaf or "liverwort".
Crataegus aestivalis

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