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Friday, May 29, 2009

Raining Reptiles- 21st March 1991

THERE was a time when great showers of frogs were quite commonplace; so much so, that people of certain provinces and periods, grew to expect such an occurrence.

Times do change however, as with the expectations of a people of a certain time, and each period is forthcoming with its marvels which are both feared and admired. Who would have suspected the abundance of radio-waves that are invited into every home, being quite commonplace? And in many respects it is not dissimilar to a host of frogs in mass descent.

Consider the natural habitat of this watery fellow. Springing from the mire as it is apt to do, might we suggest that their transportation was initiated quite directly, in order to prove a particular point of skill rather than a haphazard quirk of the natural surroundings causing the onslaught of raining reptiles. This of course took some effort to negotiate, and with that the consequences that ensued. But however, it is maintained that it was a direct action of a student of the natural sciences who intended and caused this occurrence. Usually only one such man was necessary and not mere accident.

So too, of course somewhat differently, there are plagues and rains, verily storms, of pounding information that settle upon this and that community, country or globe- magicians of a different mode and means, who wish to interfere with the ecology of the world of thought and communication. It is so commonplace that people have come to expect it within the natural course of events. And no matter how hideous the material that falls into one's own home, one must somehow go on awaiting the next rain to fall.

Our Lord and Master gave reckoning to this particular art with the multiples of fish that were distributed, so one can say confidently that this particular act was not confined only to the mischievous. Perhaps also, along this line of questioning, one might point out that by today's reckoning the Lord's work might as well be laid out and multiplied through the means of radio-waves. No possibility is to be discounted.

We only draw attention to the frog, primarily as its qualities were discussed yesterday* in connection with its remarkable astrality. And one must remember that they are of course, remnants of a former age and set of conditions. But however, as we have suggested by the illustration of them being used and called upon by extraordinary means, they hold many a mystery within their constitution. (Pulling off the fish trick is much harder - history will testify to that.)
In point of fact, eons ago one could be slapped, quite naturally, in the face with a distant relative of the frog, and this would have been a natural occurrence. Although it is unlikely that one should be there to witness it. However, if one has the means they may call upon the substance of that which still lives on as memory within our planet; and the frog's astrality is such that it is totally sensitive to playing out its former glory. 

What do the radio-waves work with if it is not recall? This means of repetition, regression and reproduction (and invasion) is altogether made possible. . . and happening daily.

*See Rudolf Steiner,
Spiritual Science and Medicine Lecture III,

Man as Symphony of the Creative Word

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