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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Channeling the Waters of an UNCHARTED Consciousness- 1991

THE sarcophagus that capitulated the sleeping pupil, decorated with symbols of long boats and sacred river, was thought to be as a vessel from which the spirit journeyed upward in death, in initiation. The Egyptians held to the concept of the body of the river, being the true body of man, to hold and carry his spirit through to the higher regions.

This river the great Gautama crossed in life and also beyond: this river of Purgatory with flames of hellfire beneath and the breath of Cosmic Fire above.

To carry these concepts through, one could look to the subject of mediumship and 'channeling'. Channeling, being the condition of free-flowing, a sacrifice of one's own consciousness, casting it adrift, so to speak, that channels of influence may stream through as they will. The more effective the medium the greater the sacrifice.

Many have desired to try on garments that do not belong nor suit them, even in fancy-dress. The idea appeals to the child in all. We are mystified quite easily when a character actor assumes a split personality or dons a puppet-like costume that alters the appearance markedly. It is true to say that one wears a personality during life, which for the best part is disposed of after life. And that the influences and traits which color any given personality, lose their hold on a soul beyond a certain point of usefulness. However, it is nonetheless of our own making, the cloth of a very distinct weave; and the consciousness itself is attuned to being attached to such a refined personality. It is a dangerous practice indeed, to try to sever or loosen such attachment.

The channels of today do not hold a true picture clairvoyantly of the actual processes that are involved in their fancy-dress pursuits. Should they from the outset, be qualified in witnessing firsthand the very real and marked effect that is to such detriment of their own psyche and personality, they should reflect strongly on such a sacrifice, thereby questioning to what true purpose should this renouncing of self lead to.

One cannot be effectual within the physical world or world of the spirit if one has given up their freedom of individuality. It is as a captain giving his ship to the pirates. Rather, sailing into their port and stepping off from the abandoned boat.

We each have our duty, and our first must be to all that which we have gathered and collected that makes up the fabric of our being, that clothes the spirit within. It is our work to refine it and to be keeper, if you will. For there is responsibility in all action that streams from this self-substance, which in truth cannot be lent nor forfeited, momentarily or forever.

The only entities who should use such a medium - who is so undeveloped as to be unaware of the true properties that are being affected - are the most undesirable bedfellows, who are attracted in the abuse of the natural laws that clearly prohibit such intimate intercourse with man and demons.

So if one has not been born with a clairvoyance that can perceive truly the effects of psychic practices and enjoys taking risks of great magnitude, one might as well play blind man's buff on the tip of Mt. Kosciusko and pray that intuition will steer well!

There is inquiry and there is stupidity. Every time man must question his motivations before progressing onto uncharted water. Equipped with the compass of morality and a good grounding in navigation, fixed in position by the starry map overhead, each one shall make his journey in time of his own.

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