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Monday, May 25, 2009

Tides of the Sea- 18th March 1991

THE tides of the seas beneath in rhythmic swells, draw vital forces from without and replenish the great earthly mass anew. The oceans inhale and exhale. This vital fluid is yea, indeed, life giving, and a planet which sustains no watery mass upon its surface is quite inactive within its matter.

There is a manifestational representative, a counter-receptive, throughout all levels of manifestation, as all life is inhabited by spirit and permeated with the spiritual forces from whence it came. So too, all spirit and spiritual forces desire expression into the farthest corner, the deepest ravine, the darkest shelter. 

Where manifestation creates, spirit is present and forever pressing upon. There is no place where this cannot be, and so we must look to the world with new eyes for seeing the indwelling cohabitants and their true function in the world-being, which they represent.

Vast reservoirs of water are pools of cosmic influence. Times past, all earthly substance was fluidic by nature. Mass was without weight, constantly forming and unforming. Water being the representative of that former condition, permeates all organic matter today - albeit not visibly - characteristically endowing all recipients of this vital fluid with cosmic influences, replenishing them continually.

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