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Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Rock-Face- Easter 1991

I GIVE you the picture of a man edged up against a rock-face. With sheer will his strength has caused a boulder to hold the gate of the mountainous rock-face, supported. There is an opening from which many flee out from behind that rock, verily a multitude of beings, of souls, all who were prisoner- the aged and the children of God- all who had been in captivity from what had seemed since the world was new; stumbling and fleeing, some leading, holding hands and guiding. Picture the multitudes in tatters and rags, blind to the sunlight, supporting one another.

And this one man still holds fast, supporting the immense bulk that towers above. He must continue until the last soul has escaped the gate, and still they keep coming. No-one can take his place. There is no rest offered, and the time has escalated to such, that this was the task set to do and that it will be done.

Three days and three nights the rock-face has been held. Those who were captive are captive no more - sublime and holy, miraculous release! But what of the solitary figure who withstood the damning rock-gate? Now we give you the last days of our Savior and Lord: the Christ.

Although unseen, there was much that was done - all was accomplished, in those hours of Crucifixion. Verily, souls were given their sublime release, souls whose freedom had been bound to both kings and demons, in chains and bondage that no other could have brought release from.

Here the mission reached total fruition. Here, although not documented as in a visible gateway, our Lord with all His Might threw over the powers of darkness. Out from a seeming feebleness came a Might unimagined.

Sweet passing could have been instigated at any moment, there need not have been a spear or nail; but the task was set, and freedom, freedom from earthly reins, was not sought until the freedom of the children of Man had been accomplished - as was done. 

In joyous uprising our dear Christ gave forfeit to those plans and destinies that had otherwise been played out and maneuvered, to enslave and encapture the kingdoms of Man.

When the boulder was drawn back, our dear Lord Christ did defy the wardens! He who went first down into the prisons and tombs of humanity, then followed last to signal the age of entrapment to have crumbled.

And when in the days to come when all humanity places Him first and above all, we may pass joyously yet, through the gates ahead: the gates of gold. (Not pearly!)

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