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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Declarations are truly to be inner- 7th April 1991

Declarations are truly to be inner and it should be put forth ever anew, renewing and reinstating, for this is the nature of a live teaching. 

Big-noting oneself leads to laziness and subsequent effortlessness. 

If it could work otherwise, if the language of the past and picture concepts of the past carried enough vitality to impress and inspire the soul, then one could be content with those very fine organizations and none other. Nay, they who have gone before would be sacred, and within their realms still are. 

But frankly speaking one cannot bind folk to any organization with pledges or signed agreements and to endeavor to is complete nonsense, so one must question the need to do so. It would be better for this to be known now, for we have expressed the matter of honesty and humility to be paramount to any true endeavors for the future. 

One has to continually ask, for what gain should a society or brotherhood, starting in this peripheral way, be in connection to the teachings we share? Should an earnest soul seek our own society and have desire to further the work that we do, then consider yourself a member right now with the freedom to cease membership at any time; with the glory if you wish, of being connected in love and thought to this scruffy bunch of individuals. 

But we do not teach divisiveness. If one were to belong to a given race of men, surely they would not need a membership card to establish they do. In point of fact the only times when such passports of identity are issued, it is rather to serve some insidious end, rather than for any good to come of it. Do not feel isolated and alone. If this is the cause for the desire to effect a personalized brotherhood or society, then it is totally misled - for it is either a reality or it is not, and no amount of excessive paperwork will make it all the more important in its effort of communion and community. These are to be words of comfort, harsh though they sound.

Historically it is the Devil who requests the signed contract, who seeks pledges, who limits freedom and the power of love, and with sweet-talk and promises of elevating personal status in the process - all of which is still as meaningless to the spiritual soul and their progress in accordance with true learning as a student of the universe. We cannot express this in lesser terms. 

Our Father has given us already the noble pass in both the society of Man and the keys to the kingdoms above and below. There is simply no need to place uniforms on all and inhibit the glory of all. Those seeking the grandiose adorn themselves with the garb of the exalted, in pomp and regalia that befits an ass; and even monks would commit themselves to the uniform of ragged cloth, austere, cold and scratchy! 

Right now our concern is with teachings, teachings which are intended to uplift the consciousness to lofty insights, to inspire and infill the soul, to regain a personal freedom in a very complex modern world - and this and this only, my friends, should be our task at hand. Let the rest take care of itself, and should others seek the comfort of societies, wish them well in their endeavoring and achievement, but we ask that in no way are we to be connected to such endeavors or aspirations, for this is not our way in the world. 

Christ went to the temple to turn over such formalized rigidity and all of its requirements. He did not found a Church, He did not ask that we bear any symbol, but that we recognize all men to be of Heaven and embrace them so.

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