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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Peanut Butter & Baloney Sausage- 6th April 1991

THE entire framework for concise ideas is as an archway, built stronger for the curve. 

Concentric circulic ideas in living motion, permeating the various levels of thought, are of course complete. For as with all that lives in motion, there is a beginning and an end. However, in the world of ideas the snake would eat its tail, as the complete idea shall follow through to its very beginning, thus leading to an elevated motion of thought on its respective higher level, and so on.

Truth visibly lives. Truth manifests itself firstly through manifestation. Interestingly enough, untruths live by deception alone: of presenting that which truly is not. This is not to be taken as merely a simplistic notion of itself, but the first rule or guideline as to the rudiments of fundamental occultism.

Manifestation can present itself and represent the spirit in many ways, on many levels. Therefore one can never discount any particular form of life, whether it be organism or hierarchy. But clearly there is that which is and that which simply isn't.

Secondly, we may impart a truth to another, and this is a special transference of a living concept, of a reality - a veritable tonic for the soul. This may be considered as the secondary manifestation of truth, and again is life-filled and imbued with a yet stronger life by him who has passed it on to another, or even into the ether.

One may ask then, surely a falsehood may be given life and then by being imbued with such life has become a reality of its own and therefore a truth? Certainly it is an unsustainable truth, that can for a time be experienced, and surely there are dangers in imparting such guileful falsehoods of misrepresentation that hold no nourishment for the soul, as they can even grow of themselves. 

Seemingly flourishing by more of the same, they spread throughout the metabolism of the individual and the thought arena of the world, in reckless armies that seek recognition of their own without there being any real substance or foundation to these soulless concepts. Sadly, they are not to know that they are soulless, as the temporary life that fed them is real enough, and these conceptual bodies are merely impressionable vehicles who have no karma in any particular situation of their own.

It is unfortunate to say that there are those who would happily rejoice in setting swarms of fruit fly into the orchard - and one can understand this upsetting behavior by observing their need to sustain themselves.

Truth leads to truth, untruth feeds on untruth, brothers they are and the bond inevitably leads to dependence one way or the other.

This is why it is so important to keep constant vigilance against that which is misrepresented in the world of thought, because apart from there being no substance, reality or spirit within, it is not meaningless but quite dangerous. All concepts are to be regarded seriously.

The gourmet may well find himself quite ill where hunger has ceased to take first place in the nourishing of the constitution, and the tenuous novelty has exceeded all good instincts.

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