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Monday, June 1, 2009

Death- 1991

IF the Lord reveals to you much beauty in life and sweet satisfaction thereof, why not in death also? From where does the babe spring from? Shall we commit our beloved and also our self, merely to dust?

Grief speaks to us of personal loss, but one need not grieve for those who have gone ahead of us. As on holiday, when one awakes to a new bed and glances all around, so saying:-

"Now I know where I am, for I am not in my bed back home. I have journeyed to where I shall best recuperate and invigorate.

"It is as a warm summer breeze coming through my sunlit window, carrying those fragrant echoes from that glorious garden which awaits my exploration. Down into meadow, through forest to crystal springs that flow - I can smell the sweet pasture, now the herb garden and now the fruit grove.

"I have returned to a favorite spot. I shall make many a new friend. The lines of tired years have dissolved, and a certain strength, a youthful excitement, runs through my being. I can move without effort! I am content and yet in quiet ecstasy, as so many worries I have had all around me are no longer with me. I am thrilled with the prospect of discovery.

"Ah yes, I had a dream whilst I slept. Curious it was, this dream that I held. May I peep through the window to remembrance? There were faces and places, and much goings-on. Just now in thinking of them, it is as though I hear certain voices a'calling.

"I can see the beautiful faces of my family as they are gathered in a crowded room. Yes there are others I know also, some I recognize and some I do not recognize. They are solemn today. Perhaps I shall look in tomorrow. But wait! I may hear their prayers, I hear their music. I can hold the flowers that they brought to me.

"That's it! This is an occasion, held in my honor. Oh dear God! I am startled, for I realize that this party is gathered for a funeral. A funeral for my death! I wish them well, these special people. I am sorry if I have caused them pain. I shall look in on them from time to time.

"I do not wish to forget; no I shall not forget - but isn't it strange how clearly I do perceive those events and those people? Goodness, I was one of those people! And that which I enjoyed, pales compared to that which I loved. But I know this place well. . . I have been here before; it's like home to me now.

"I wonder what is outside of that door. I wonder what I shall go on to find. I am relieved that this is death. I am relieved of much. I must find the ones that are here already. I shall go and be with them, for I have missed them dearly. There is so much to do and I have only just begun.”

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