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Friday, June 5, 2009

Art in Creation- 8th April 1991

IT does us well to observe that everything in Nature, if we were to describe it, perhaps would be aptly described as being laid out visually in the best of possible taste. Landscapes of various terrains, in color and form, are extremely pleasing to the eye and the soul who beholds them. Seascapes to mountains, animals and plants - all of creation is happily observed and is satisfying to any individual. In point of fact the more one observes, the more the inherent beauty becomes apparent.

If one were to design with a palette those forms and colors with creativity afresh, could one better what is already there in any facet of Nature in her splendor? Just perhaps a tone of color might clash slightly off pitch, or the gentle lines of the landscape may falter. Could we perfect a plant, recreate a beast?

It is often assumed that one loves what one knows. Science fiction would tell us - as many writers have attempted new worlds - that it is simply a case of the familiar, and that the appeal to our senses and then through to our perception, is a love of the ordinary. Many a child delights in their first encounter with a garden or a goldfish, a sunset or a loving face.

We suggest that it is often overlooked that our world is designed most happily, and it is small wonder that an artist should rejoice in drawing from their habitat the blended perfections of the spirit in manifestation.

A materialist would suggest that the world was created for function alone, with no explanations as to why it holds beauty at all. An atheist might suggest that the perfumed scent of a bud or the sweetness of honey was mere luck as far as Man and his compatibility is concerned.

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