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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Partaking of the bread together…8th April 1991

PARTAKING of the bread together, “in My Name”- that's all that was asked of folk who wish to come together and ponder the holy wonder of the world, as far as groups go. All bread is holy, it is the manner (manna! excuse the pun!) in which it is taken.

Beware of grievous definitions. Beware of sensationalism. Beware of self-importance becoming inflamed - for salt has the most wonderful properties for purifying a wound that it might heal, but it smarts also.

All has been warned and explained. There are folk who would use teachings to meet an end of their own desire, and this will taint any teaching they may hold. The silver shall black.

If you feel hesitation after reviewing what you know, there is no harm in holding back, until you can feel quite certain that the teachings may be passed on with the spirit in which they are given. We care for wisdom lovingly as we would our children. It is not a question of greed in holding back, but caution and care that is necessary.

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