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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dancing in the Ten Dark Worlds 5

5. Fear of impotence (lack of life vitality)

Not surprisingly the parent force and designated finger here, is the third finger on the active hand - representing strength, both sustained and active, summoned by the will.

There is an occult secret to strength which very few know - we will never lack its true vitality, ever. For the elderly who know what it is to drive the unwilling limbs - how once their movements were effortless, yet now there appears to be little strength to lift a spoon - this strength which once was there and taken for granted has not left them, but has translated into a far greater strength of being, more than before, to live as they do, to move what they move. Not just physical strength, but the strength behind the effort. This is there. It has not gone, it has not depleted, it has increased. 

There is however, a fear that lives in every man of being impotent - sexually, physically, mentally and spiritually - fear of having nothing there when the time calls him to act, no strength to sustain all life itself. For Man is but Little God, and he knows in himself what a responsibility this is. 

Yet strength itself can be fearful. We can go to this gate and very easily frighten ourselves. Power is fearsome too. Ironically those who experience episodes of knowing great strength and power succumb to the fear of losing it, but truly it is the power they themselves have invoked that charges themselves most cruelly. 

The tired and the worn know of the inner strength, and have not the vitality to spare any more. But those who are ravenous for strength may err into a passion for it, seeking and admiring it for the sake of itself, rather than its duties. This will then become a fear.


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