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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Chakras- 28th February 1999

[Question on the nature of the chakras from James Gillen]

Dear James,
The Chakras illumined within the body of Man, are ancillary to his organization and independent of the planetary influences. In popular teaching they are perceived to be batteries of energetic propensity - distinctly with virtue and power, particularly when activated on their respective levels.

To most students they represent the wheels and lights found on a pinball machine - or something similar - with which the very enlightened may reach a perfect score with!

However, there is more to these concentrated centers that are carried along by our being ... that they are, individually, angelic entities - each separate and distinct from our own indwelling consciousness - although grafted on to our personal starry frame - quite alike to anemones amongst the rock pools, pocketed away, a hidden nature within.

They have been with us within our evolution since the very first formation of an organ had begun. As independent as they are, the Chakric beings are impressionable to the ways of their over-ruling human, and work in the man to translate many properties, filtering both charge and discharge. Enlivened or inanimate, they offer also a cosmic presence, with bearing upon the function of that which they are adhered to, experiencing a parallel evolution reliant upon the development of the man within.

It has long been known that the artificial stimulation of any chakric center within an individual is without lasting effect, and eventually causes a deterioration in the further responsiveness that would ordinarily follow. But what is not discussed, yet begs much greater issue, is the ethical perspective governing those who would try for 'false positives' within their astral/organic whole.

The willful manipulation of angelic beings is of terrible consequence. All being equal, it is one thing to conjoin harmoniously and progress according to the natural developing processes, but it is quite another matter when a man strikes charge over their most gentle of kindred and milks them for more than he is entitled to. Because all angelic beings share in the one mind with extraordinary singularity amongst all ranks therein, it is well known that if by action or design you offend one, you offend them all! Overt obstruction of the chakric responses offend them no end!

You see, it is a matter of the most subtle regulation taking place - it is not that the 'inactive' chakra is taking in less that it should; it is, as guardian to Man, holding off the incoming of forces until such a time as he can withstand their impelling nature! And it is only according to a progressive development that a man can effectively coerce the Guardian Angel honorably, to translate the powers yet further.

Now it is that these angels are not transferable, but indeed trace our incarnations and beyond with great personal love and determination. Within their own sphere they are self-consciously cohabiting (although not creative or inventive) - our personal Elohim* who would guide our travels with great joy and aggressive caution.

This may explain to you in part the experimental fascination which has been held for these 'private' and sensitive parts of a man - explained more in terms of their lowest appearance, rather than in being known for what they truly are.

Yours in the Service, Dear Friend,

*They are therefore as correspondents in their action and capacity to the greater Elohim within the macrocosma. They are not relative to the Planetary Spirits within their spheres contained, but moreover pertaining to the hierarchy which guides them.

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