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Friday, November 12, 2010

Optimum Ingravia- 30th March 1999

MEN do not need wars - it is the very concept that our finest minds entertain which may invite perils rather than detain them.

Should we ever accept or explain genocide? Whether by hand or by nature, such "transformation" occurring in global events by any form of corruption is not an event welcomed by Christ. In point of fact, it is moreover a dangerous distraction away from the truth of this Being and Presence within our Humanity.

We caution all who are specialists in their spiritual thinking to guard their attitudes with extreme vigilance, such as is quick to refute the explanations of causality, as a silent precursor to acceptance.

You see much begins and ends with us. The future worlds importantly, morph right out from the many-petalled mind of the world - and this mind is but our mind, contributed to by our finest.

We betray our brothers and sisters and that of our future selves when we presume to comprehend the transactions of war and of pestilence. In philosophy also, men may distance themselves with such 'objectivity' that argues "death is inevitable", "life in this world is transitory", "out of evil cometh good", and so forth.

Yet it is by our observation that we can say that souls may be flung into an obscurity with violent death, and disturbed out from what would have been a life from which much good could have been gleaned. But when individuals pass through the gates of death in shock, taking with them the last moments of mortal terror (experienced deeply in the body as well) the 'animal' itself is panicked and eventually torn out from its impelling desire to drive down into life - ill-prepared it desists. Then what follows for much after is the grievous condition of such insecurities that are attributable to such an event. Men are durable but not insufferable.

Optimum ingravia.

The Incarnation was an act of Love for this World. The forces which oppose this, distort and disrupt our dear Creation. But let it be said: There is no great meaning or benefaction to come from disorder, disharmony and death. We are cautioned in these remarkably potent of times to affix our meditations and subsequent propaganda on the lap of Beauty, the breast of Wisdom, the Staff of Christ and the Fatherhood of God.


  1. I am very intrigued, for personal reasons, by your use of the word 'ingravia'. What do you understand its meaning to be?

    1. This was written down a long time ago. At the time I considered it to mean "the utmost gravity". An online translator says "weigh down". -Bruce


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