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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dragons of War- 1999

Mr. Yong from South Korea asks:
I really want the world of what you said, but it's not. Now I worry about my situation why all things of outside doesn’t correspond with my intention. So I can't feel any peace in my mind. Please give me a little console by your deep word.
Thank you.

Dear Mr. Yong,
These Dragons of War are old, very old, and stretch and strain at their skin, hungry to eat our new Humanity. But they cannot.

You have endured and survived and remained yourself. No death and no dragon can injure your selfhood. Disappointment can damage, but is soon quick healed as well. And the sadness for others that you feel - well, that is irreparable, this is true.

Great scholars, idealists, philosophers and peacemakers, spirits who have lived and spirits who are with us now, they all know this sadness and the incredible weight of it. It is a sadness which sings softly its melodic weeping throughout - one which we are always aware of and shall be disconsolate until the suffering ceases.

All suffering is real. Whether it be experienced here in this world or carried into the Heavens as well. And we sorrow with those who have only known so.

Beyond this great hardship there is one to whom you can go - to Christ, and if not to Him, then to Father God in prayer. In prayer you may come to reserves that cannot be found within the mental limits here. In prayer, if you ask from the heart, comfort can be known that could not find its way to you before.

You have the consolation of those who work as you do - right here with you - you may sense the presence and gain much strength from that body of men who are both holy and wise, and are not to be dissuaded by the corruptive forces at present.

We will not tell you that the calamities you perceive do not matter or do not exist, they do. We will not tell you that there is anyway you may feel good about them, for there is not. But we can tell you that they will end, and all good men will become as they rightfully should be - haloed with the forces of the Sun, in freedom, true Brotherhood and with a future filled with hope, great desire, fulfillment and love.

God bless (and keep trying Dear One),

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