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Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Conference with Vanity- 1st April 1999

"Show yourself!" - His commanding words addressed the figure plainly. Reticent and cowering, the hooded intrudent moved forward.

"Speak Master Vanity, and tell me of yourself."

The creature beneath the cloak began to assume quite quickly, something of a lively confidence. It flourished its head, and then with girlish affectation, it giggled.

Christ looked on, waiting patiently for some reply. His Presence had enlivened the being and it was now most comfortably animated within its own nature. Its eyes burnt inwards, it stroked its own hair. Comfortable with the grand attention it was soaking in, it then found the appropriate moment to dramatically moan and sob.

"I am ill-understood ... my beauty is so coveted ... I am painfully envied and therefore disliked - alone in my abstract pleno [fullness/completeness]."

"Does greatness have to be recompensed with a loneliness?" Christ murmured, as if to Himself; and then, as though startled into full wakefulness He spoke with full accent upon this other:
"I have seen what may come of you within this very future, and there is much to be done, if you are to remain within my World. Do you have knowledge of that star from which your tender self resides? Will you allow me to tell you of its holy and reliable instincts? Come closer and I will show you - if you would have it my friend."

With anyone else it would have argued (unto eternity); perhaps only for attention's sake, and be so engaged with speak about itself, or for that of the fact that it had no real consideration for much outside of its mean comprehension. However, this was Christ: The Christ, our Christ. And He had come.

They said that He was received within the World, and yes it had been also so said that He was fearless! When He had gone into the many wild places of bush and wood, of river and sea, of hilltop and mountain, into the etheric paradise and then penetrating the caverns of the astral depths as well - throughout the many, many natures He had visited and passed through - they had said in report afterward, that He had played. That He did not test His Strength, but His Joy.

With a caravan of Muses there following, the mirth amongst each place thus visited was complete! Happiness kissed the cheek of each and every face so smiled upon, glad again, for if ever there was a King within the World it was this Sovereign!

Yes, it was said that He had truly met with everything, and everybody spoke well of Him. Little demons (those that were about) came into new being - the very first to wave around and jiggle into dance when He was about. Naught could be untouched by this happiness that had returned into the Earth.

But then, there were those days not so spoken of ... weren't there. Days when He grew solemn and distant and the world had felt His Hurt.

Obedient to his Master's mind, Vanity sought to lock into the understanding offered. For this was Christ, and even Vanity could not entirely be himself anymore, now having been so very closely touched by his patriarch.

"You see that star up there"- the finger pointed and a radiant light moved out from it, rapidly appearing and disappearing.

"This star is not your star, you have long been affixed incorrectly." He pondered in silent conference, and then continued, "The true Venus that you seek is now the Sun."


Four columns of light (not quite as intense as a star voyager conveyer beam) appeared with prismic infusion, out of which appeared four figures. Exquisite and gracious, the four assembled before the two.

"These are your family dear one - do you not know them?"

Vanity became awkward, sensing only an inner emptiness ... and an unbearable ugliness in contrast to the party intent upon him. He had no reply to give. He felt nothing but a horrible self-pity.

Christ in that moment had healed him of an ugliness which had cankered his being e'er since it began. He had reunited him with his kind, and temporarily censured his composure.

The sadness returned ... "What was it about this God? What was my part in it all?" He wondered within, then Vanity knew. It had been his face Christ had looked into and called upon, just moments before He had been punctured, just before His Blood had soaked forth. And that was when the sadness had come ... when the gaiety had gone and the world all o'sudden went unbelievably cold. He remembered!

It was Vanity presiding when Man condemned God to die. It was Vanity present and detaining when Man humiliated the One who loved him the most. It was Vanity that had turned away and caused the Sun in its greatest grief to expire its light into the bosom of its beloved.

Christ's voice then spoke. Vanity suppressed the tears and waited in silence.

"Vanity, you are my greatest child - the naughtiest also - and yet you are still growing. Though false pride is but an empty beginning, it is still a beginning nonetheless, for within you as well, is a little of me and my unfinished work, my love and my all too eager impatience.

"Child of the Ego, you shall grow to maketh a strong and beauteous bearer of soul. Know this, that one day you shall live joyously in your true worth, and that the reality of self is truly that of God made manifest in you. Self-love shall be conceived as the love of our dear Father God; self-loving in proper consideration shall introduce you to your spirits in kind and in destiny, who share in this divinity as so come to being in you.

"Vanity, though mistaken, sorely pained and wretchedly ugly, trivial and almost empty, beguiled and ever delusional ... I still love thee. You are an innocent and in need of the guidance that I shall give. Remain with us here, and believe, for not only have I now come to be with you ...I am here to stay."

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