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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Euripides’ Protective- 26th January 1999

A son of the Son of God I stand,
Before this arena of foe contesting,
- Unarmored and bare.
The sky too high to climb into,
The earth too closed to receive me;
The teeth, the sword,
The spear, the thought,
All there is now is death to free me.

My mortal courage seized,
Now deflected into pained dilemma;
My mortal brain so quizzed,
Like wine in the amphora.

My ears are censored with this one song,
From these civilized barbarics it is sung,
Who will watch my tearing,
And my bleeding on this ground...
When all is done.

This sand is hot,
There is no shade here,
My eyes are bald to this sun’s piercing glare;
My life departing,
Given to despair.

For I am damned by some thousands of people,
I am damned by some thousands of people,
Who are cheering at my prospects,
Of my diminishment,
Of my failure,
Of this harsh rendering,
Of my bleeding,
Of my torture,
And yet,

I am a son,
of the Son,
of God.

Last moments, dear soul, impart most times the greatest impressions to those upon re-entry into their new life.

Here we have such a dismay, contrasting the former love for humanity invested in. This soul in its final impressionings, experienced degradation, cruelty, solitude, pain, scorn and the mortal fear of the animal and the sword ... not because of one other individual, but there being thousands of participants to this crime - whose astrality was putrid with demonic corruption. The atmosphere there that the dying soaked into their own subtle bodies, was of the alarming hate-imbued carelessness of men at their very worst.

How does any soul react to this sufferance? In further lifetimes to come, how does he trust, how does he withstand those memories of abandonment by his fellow men? Of condemnation for no good reason, of wanton rebuke and harm impelling?

Does he go on to temper the world's cruelty with a strength of arms he must assemble? How still may he become consolate and reconcile the evil in the very men he once would have openly named his brothers?

Prayer for Reconciliation

Dear Christ,
I am humbled before thy almighty powers,
Contained in thy love ever stronger,
Oh subtle strength that negotiates life!
Be with me!

Beloved Christ, Creator and Keeper of our kind,
Show me this passage of Grace I now seek:
The path of the peacemaker,
Not the slayer of peace.

Bring to me Your comforts,
Replenish my faith once again,
So that I may find my place in life,
My contentment and love amongst men.

I pray, dear Christ, for companionship,
That myself to another entrust;
That with loyalty, fealty and all of friendship's banner,
I shall once again come to love.
May I defy all heartless activity,
With the certainty of knowing its need;
That believing in Your very sanctity,
Is overcoming the loneliest greed.

Be there peace in there - the unruly,
Be there peace even when disappointment resents,
Be there peace to anoint the scars of iniquity,
Be there peace to make space for the love.


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