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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Disablement of the Self- 23rd March 1999


I'd like to know a little more about how this disablement of the self occurs; what is the process? [See The Communicative]

I can think of obvious things like drug abuse, being in an abusive relationship, etc. But can the erosion of the self ever be a permanent state if there is a flicker of spirit left in one's soul?

Even the tiniest ember of Christ's love still smouldering there? Can one permanently disable this flame?

THE wording here used is very exact and is appreciated! For to 'disable the flame' explains a condition which is not of extinction or of annihilation, but rather of inertia. There is no provision within Creation for uncreating that which is permanent.

Throughout the many layered panoramic schemes of manifestation, the exaggeration of being and the cosmic display, is for the main, transitory, changing and illusory. Those things which are transitory, changing and illusory must contain (or grow to contain) some real cosmic substance that they reach some kind of 'permanent status' to therefore remain. Spiritually speaking a cosmic substance of worth is a rarefied virtue.

Those things which are transitory, changing and illusory that are deficit in cosmic substance, disassemble and go back into the interior wardrobes from whence all 'stuff' comes from. If there were not the disposables such as these, then the 'uncreating' that occurs would extinguish the permanent and thereby disable all 'life' (in and out of manifestation).

So the worthy remains, the permanent remains; some actively being and being represented, being clothed, demonstrating, creating, etc., some in quiescence, in retirement, in repose, in dream activity from higher realms, and so forth.

Inertia is certain death. It is not death in terms of changingness and transitory conditions - moving from one condition into another - it is hollow representation, it is having no resistance and no response, no will, no empathetic resonance and no capacity to such humility as that which can take in the influences and charges of another. 

Some individuals are traveling these roads to living the inert spiritual existence. You can see that their resistance is failing, their responsiveness is given over to deceit (a lazy consciousness who allows the personality to maintain it for example - or a mentality which co-exists in lying to itself - again a dangerous practice). The will may become weakened to the point where desires and demons take over in place. The empathetic sensitivities are silenced. A false ego presumes to 'know' more than any other. Therefore inspiration is blocked (including that from Father God) and from which we have Sin.

These tendencies can carry on throughout lifetimes unfortunately, and poison the individual who has so 'fallen'. In the extreme, if his humanhood has been so relinquished, the soul itself is sloughed off and returns to its origins eventually. The man is dismembered and all that remains is his divinity of Christhood and his spark of Godliness from which all else did circumnavigate. 

There are opportunities however, for many men to retrieve their composite selves and make good again. There are stages and conditions whereupon they are reawakened, given to more suitable interludes for such to happen, and the process such as was just described, is few and far between in the main. Usually it happens, that when men fall back into the arms of demon armies and their ways, they live such a horror, for a time, that when they are given the opportunity to return, it is achieved, and with all the dressings of a future sainthood ahead of them by that very experience.

You see, one thing which never ceases, wherever it is, is consciousness. That flame, that spark which is often referred to, is just that ad infinitum, continuum. Yes, that consciousness will know what has occurred and where it is. It will feel its beingness. If its condition is a cold-blooded slime, living under some rock somewhere, it will know. If the waves toss over it in currents that rock its slippery veins backwards and forth, it will know. It might have forgotten its humanhood that it forsook, but it will still be conscious to the degree that it moved to. It will know.

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