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Friday, October 8, 2010

Father God – Retrieved- 18th June 1997

What part of the echo does not return?
Not all of the projection so thrown, comes back...
Not all is obedient to its first issue.

For the echo can surely never encompass the full sum in total;
It shall never resound a complete and uttered capacity of that voice,
Which was lent to it from the first.

And from that which idled behind and stayed,
Became the Earth Element,
Thus now remarkable unto itself.

WHEN the Trinity resume into each other, and all 'extras' belonging to the lesser cosmology have resigned - held in seclusion, in the most infinite pause - all particles and coherents, all spirits and spirits of souls, every time, moment gone and hope still hanging around, every work of love and pregnant design, all of the planetary choreography, ferocity and future substance - all is given to that quiescence; retrieved and brought back to Father God.

There is a phrase in commerce to say that a man has 'extended himself too far' - to indicate perhaps that he has 'gone beyond his means' or dangerously ventured into the waters 'above his head'. All of these phrases share the meaning implied here, when we go on to say that Father God had stepped a fraction into the 'unknown' when it came to the beingness created in the Earth Element.

That is, as a portion of the 'echo', as it was carried upon the ethers, propelled with the fiery intensity of an ultimate passion, committed into being by such a determined course, as free and as fast as a mountainside rush of a river's run, uncontrollably impelled with its new life in momentum, part of Himself materialized unexplainably, with great contrast and variation!

As men we impart a keep of very many impressions of ourselves given back into this world. Invisibly and imperceptibly (that is to ourselves moreover, but not completely imperceptible of course), ethericly we cast off pictures and novelties which live in our imaginings, yearnings, ponderings, musings, wonderings and so forth. We forecast memories, we inspire beings, we stimulate activity in many other forms of life and affect every kingdom to which we are adhered. We radiate our emotions and broadcast our thoughts (audibly or not); we implant our will alongside all things we determine, and even to the point of affecting (or contaminating) physical substance by the emanatory forces of our being. 

So much we are consciously irreconciled to, so much we impart that does not return as even a ripple upon the surface of our mind. For those who are developed clairvoyantly, whose lives are intermediary, there are still more harvests sown and gathered up 'sight unseen' rather than promptly interpreted. Such in like manner, can it be said for Father God (in only the highest speculation mind you), in respect to His Existence as is furthered throughout the extended realm of the Earth Element today.

It was partly due to this end that the Luciferian supporters maintained that the Earth was born out from a laggard evil; and enough too to calm the purists in their discontent against the notion of evolution and development - given the double distinction against perfection that the two seem to imply.

We are taught to believe that Lucifer, whilst brother to Christ, is also part of our Christ. Christ the Whole is a fractional being also. He is not however a composite and all that implies. (To say He was a composite would mean that it was they that made Him, rather than they are of Him.)

Lucifer is that part of the echo which did not return. Christ has set about to recover him and bring him back faithfully to Father God. These are the best pictures we could choose in explanation. The whole echo is also our Christ.

This is a mystery.

The Earth Element was described as being dubious - it seems to defy the neat proportions of the exact and precious givens. In truth it defies nothing, and yet from its offspring in the etheric attachments and the unruly kingdoms of Man, plant and beast, we can understand how disconsolate the tardy angelic host may be when confronted by the living concepts of 'future' and 'possibility', 'creativity', 'development' and all of their in-betweens.

In speaking in terms of evolution and development, there has never been a comfortable explanation from the first, for imperfection and regression, let alone the need for evolving and developing, in regards to our having come from Father God originally, who is absolute perfection. It is easy to interpret the view of the unholy world, knowing that there is much yet to be redeemed and retrieved which requires its resonance defined, its shadow illuminated and its mass instilled with Grace.

As men we can bring in the holy powers through to our Earth Element nature, as manifested. As men, through Christ, we nurture both the spiritual and the physical realms, when we transmute the 'Earth Sphere' with His goodness.

The physical matter which comprises the world is an immature compound (although quite sophisticated in its own reasonings). However, one only has to observe in the lesser example, an individual who is dull and unobliged by the spiritual worlds, to see that it is possible for materialism to coexist regardless of a conscious cooperation with Father God, and that furthermore this detachment is obviously dangerous to the man, and dangerous on the whole.

Here one cannot look to the ego activity of the man, for quite often there is an underdeveloped sense of self which accompanies the insensibilities so noted ... although this can be yet another concern, we are confessing the Earth Element here to the aspect it carries of containment unto itself, for with this containment can also come exclusion and separateness.

Once again we are reminded of the influences of the Luciferic force, which encourages men to be content and contained within their own field of activity. Sensing disappointment elsewhere, they are taken with the false loves that persuade them of themselves, rather than entertain many certainties and joys without.

We may be cautioned as to this aspect in its untoward conclusions. Yet, and having said all of this, there becomes the most marvelous combining when the element of the earth relates succinct to those properties of the fires, the water and the ethers beyond itself. For in every instance thereafter it has been reclaimed and reborn and returns to its source - love is known when love returns: unsecured but freely admitting that succor and grace for which it yearns and will be given. 

(Thus quoth the Master.)

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