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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Arterial Self, Problem l

Problem l: Using the Rod
"That's odd" he said, having never before held a compass or seen its magnetic north, "Whichever way I stand it still points to its preferred!"

Abject selflessness tells us that our own desires and knowings are not important.

It is possible for a man to spend many years learning to quash his inner understandings and desires which stream out from his arterial being. In trusting that we know ourselves, we can help others to do so similarly. This is important from the very highest view, that we also honor our knowing of Christ, for one follows the other, just as all true compasses point to Heaven.

If we discredit ourselves we discredit everything about ourselves and our love for Him. This is the sickness which is rife amongst the seemingly lukewarm Christians. They have been weathered by their own selflessness and are quick to believe as a consequence that no man excels another in any regard, and so then doubt themselves. They trade this humility for self degradation, in the effort to put themselves last, and they put Christ last by doing this as well.

By not honoring one's arterial knowing you have not the understanding to question as whether or not another man is acting out from his primary self, or indeed he has come at you from the many other directions which are on or off course. It could well be that we could respect all men's views providing that they were not so flimsy, changeable and incoherent, and that they were uniform to the arterial being, and not to the one hundred and one other faces that they may wear at the time.

We can learn to approach our innermost selves with same reverence as that we know when we go to God in prayer. For it can be said that it must be with a piety and a thanksgiving, the mysterious yet also the greatest familiar; a quietness, discharging all superfluous self; a reliance, a credibility and an open question, that we may come to do this. Our innermost arterial selves deserve that field of operation.

We are ancient, we are our own very best connection with Father God Himself; and we are duty bound to consult ourselves before any other upon any matter. It is we who are responsible for all that we do. It is we who are answerable to God. It is only by this maturity of being that we can begin to operate amongst the World and the Spiritual Worlds with the forthrighteousness necessary to help further equip Mankind.

Learning to lean on the staff of this reckoning brings us to a self questioning which accepts the answer that is given. When we pray we do not go to Father God and then query His reply. We do not discourse or make argument, we pray, we are answered and we know. There is no second advance or other approach.

If we are sincere with ourselves, then it will be that our reply to ourselves will be as sincere. This is something between ourselves and no other. This is the deciding as to what you need, feel, decide, etc. And though it is not with the same weight of God's deciding (this is, of course), it can be understood in similar terms of consulting and so forth, not allowing the self doubt which trivializes after the fact.

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